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Another House Resolution (art by David Dees)
Expired · 6th July 2009
Teresa Wild
I am concerned that most people have been victims of propaganda in the climate change issue. We MUST question quotations, statistics and graphs – especially when the hypothesis supported could mean billions $ to the financial oligarchs currently ruling the planet (or so they believe). Here is a link to a very important review of forecasting methods used by the IPCC and others who have been bought by the climate-change profiteers. This document has been prepared by a group of scientists expressing concern that many of their colleagues have sold out for the promise of permanent government funding, and other even more suspicious reasons. Faulty and unscientific methods of forecasting have often created these classic graphs referred to by Ray Grigg, and other IPCC followers. In actual fact, anyone can create the hockey stick graph with any data, simply by limiting the initial input figures in the direction which would support the hypothesis. This is the opposite of science. Read the article, if you don't get this.
I have gotten acquainted with the work of a climatologist from Canada, Tim Ball. He is a regular contributor for and He, and many others in his field, is very concerned about the misinformation the public is being fed about human-caused climate change, and sees it as a real threat to civil liberties and the future of humanity.
He says: Plants could use three times the CO2 they are getting from our present atmosphere (based on horticultural practices of CO2 augmentation to increase growth). We are living in a time where CO2 is the lowest in 650 million years.
Why is this truth being twisted and spun by the mass media into a truly insidious propaganda campaign? What global policies are being promoted in the name of climate change? Who stands to profit from this wide-spread misinformation? It is on the tongues of so many "intelligent" people! Why?
Many climatologists will remind you of the facts they were taught in highschool: CO2 actually comprises a very small portion of all the greenhouse gases – less than 4%. Of that 4%, the portion caused by humans is about 6%. 95% of the greenhouse gases is water vapour! So why is everybody screaming about our carbon footprint?! Well, that is a very GOOD question. Think about it.... There are laws being implemented RIGHT NOW (House Resolution 2554, set to be passed in the US senate, already passed by the House of Representatives last week. Google it for the complete document. Aver 1500 pages, which no one has been allowed the time to read, before voting on it.) This bill will set in place some 3000 new laws. It will put home inspectors in OUR houses (yes, Canada is in lock-step with the US on this, and the Climate Change conference coming up in Stockholm late in this year will push for all countries to join, OR ELSE). Climate cops will determine what you drive, when and where, how many baths you can have, restrict your caloric intake, your rights to grow your own organic food, insuring that all your food is GMO, license your right to have children, how many, and determine your suitability to parent them... Unlimited control of every aspect of your lives. You will be paying tax on ALL your activities, your "carbon footprint", and you will feel good about paying it, because these "scientists" have convinced you with their false graphs and dire forecasts that you are born guilty of being a carbon-based earthling, and you will pay, BIG TIME.
This is not about caring for the environment. This is about a small global elite controlling every aspect of life on earth. And they have their sexy politicians and mad scientists to implement their plan for us all.
If you think I'm being extreme, or a "conspiracy nut", I dare you to watch "The Global Warming Swindle", take notes, and check out the references. Research the solar effects on climate change, and look at the history of the earth's constantly changing climate. Also, check out just how much money is being made by Al Gore and his partner David Blood (Blood and Gore) by manipulating first world people to buy their way out of their guilt. Al Gore has invested a huge amount of his energy coercing his fellow representatives to get HR 2554 passed, and it's working.
There are so many unanswered questions, when you really think about this deception. If you don't want to be part of the manipulated sheeple, and live in a tyrannical world police state, take the time and commit the courageous act of finding out and speaking the truth.