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General · 9th September 2009
Jean Wrohan
Nia is a personal growth, body-mind-spirit fitness program. It is a "living system" that works with the natural wisdom and intelligence of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
Nia supports the Pleasure Principle: If it feels good keep doing it, if it hurts, stop!
Nia combines a diverse blend of Eastern and Western movements, concepts and philosophies from the worlds of the healing arts (love), martial arts (mindfulness), and dance (technique).
What makes Nia so innovative is its unlimited adaptability. Not only can people of all kinds participate, but a wide range of therapeutic, wellness, self-growth and educational models can effectively integrate Nia.

Everyone can do Nia! From athletes to dancers to those who are just getting back into fitness, students of all levels ages, and backgrounds will be challenged and energized.
The foundation of Nia is the pleasure principle: all gain, no pain. Nia choreography is adaptable to everyone: three levels of intensity for every movement are provided, as well as a variety in range of motion, creating a very user-friendly fitness experience.

Accredited by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the Nia Technique is an internationally recognized fitness program. Nia founders Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas transformed the fitness industry in 1983 when they took off their shoes and created a barefoot technique that addresses the whole person, not just the body.
Leaders in the fitness industry since 1976, Debbie and Carlos have been keynote presenters at the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA) Conferences for over ten years, and are the authors of two books, as well as seven Nia videos. Now based at their Nia dojo in Portland, Oregon - Body Moves - they teach weekly Nia classes.