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General · 14th October 2009
Friday Flicks
October 16th. 7:45pm Quadra Community Centre

THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE is a gorgeous, elegiac story that examines Canada’s cultural heritage during a period when there was virtually no contact between the Inuit and the rest of Canada. The sensitively crafted script recalls a time when tuberculosis was epidemic and tragic within communities. For the remote Inuit, people were forced to leave the their homes for treatment elsewhere.

The film begins as Tivii (Atanarjuat’s Natar Ungalaaq) is removed from everything he knows and brought to a sanatorium in Quebec City. He is without family, surrounded by a language he does not speak, and facing an uncertain future. His caring nurse wants to see him thrive and has an orphaned Inuit boy transferred to his ward to
translate. The two form a close bond as each struggles to heal and makes plans for returning home.

The Necessities of Life covers vast terrain – the socio-historical context of its period setting, the contrasting worlds of its characters, and the universal language of compassion that binds people together.

“(The Necessities of Life) has justly become one of the past year’s most celebrated movies both within our borders and beyond. It was shortlisted for the best foreign film Oscar. It is the kind of work I wish this country produced a lot more often.” – Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly