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General · 18th October 2009
Judy Leicester
People around the world will gather on October 24th to display the number 350.

Why 350? Recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 million parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth. We are presently at around 387 ppm.

In December, governments from around the world will meet in Copenhagen to create the next global treaty on climate change. To get a treaty that is grounded in the latest science and built around the principles of equity and justice, we need millions of voices pressuring our political leaders to act.

On October 24th pictures from these events around the world will be assembled by for a gigantic global visual petition. The pictures will be shown on the massive screens in Times Square and pictures will be delivered to UN headquarters.

Go on line to to get informed and sign the petition.
Come to Blenkin Park on Saturday, Oct. 24th from 11am to 12 noon.
Display the number 350 on a banner, t-shirt, painted on your forehead or hat!
Bring your camera, cell phones, musical instruments, and all your friends!
Spread the word about the event and the importance of the number 350.
After the event, post your pictures in the Quadra Photo Gallery at