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350 Action in Mexico City
General · 29th October 2009
Deb Cowper
5200 actions in 181 countries!
Here is a 350 Action Update from Teresa Niño of the Organizing Team:

I've been coordinating the translations for since the beginning, so my favorite part of the video is seeing the incredible diversity of people all over the world, speaking so many different languagesbut all speaking with one voice. Everyone in the video is joyful, passionate, and fired up by the knowledge that they are not acting alone. They know, as you should, that there are millions around the world who are standing together for bold climate action. I think you'll like the video as much as I do, so do take a couple of minutes to watch it now:

But we don't want you to think we've stopped working and spend all day watching videos. Two days ago we met with the chief of the climate change section of the United Nations, Janosz Pastor. We gave him a book of photos that we prepared, filled with stories and news clippings about what happened on October 24th, and information about the 350 target. The best news: he's passing it on to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

And that's a good way to remind all of you that the first task on our post October 24 to-do list is delivering photos of your actions to your political leaders
local, regional, and national, and international.

Sign up here for to take part in a photo-delivery:
Our team at will follow up as soon as humanly possible--linking you up with people in your community who can join you for a delivery, providing tips and support for reaching your political leaders, and asking for your stories that we can share them with the world.

We're sorry to put you back to work so soon, but time is short till the big UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen this December. Between now and then, the next stop for is Barcelona, Spain (my home country!) in early November. Why Barcelona? It's the location of the final UN Climate meeting before the crucial December talks. In Barcelona, members of the team will be meeting with UN delegates, delivering photos and videos, and making sure that our collective call to action makes a a real impact. Wouldn't it be amazing if while UN delegates were receiving photos and videos of citizens all over the world calling for bold action, your local officials were feeling the same heat? Help make it happen:

With your help, we will make every world leader know that we will accept nothing less than a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty that puts us back on the road to 350.

Thanks for all you do,

Teresa Niño for The Organizing Team