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General · 6th November 2009
Dear Claire,
Here are some questions for you to answer at your leisure, , , well hopefully reasonably soon.
1. Do you understand trauma?
2. Could you give support to an overwhelmed mom?
3. Have you heard about first aid for trauma prevention?
4. Where do your resources come from?
5. Did you know there are prevention tools adults and profesionals can learn?
6. Do you think children should be safeguarded against trauma?
7. Do you know what it's like to feel disgusted? (can't eat or function properly, sick to your stomach)
8. Do you honor the miracle of birth?
9. Are you educated in responding to man-made and natural disasters?
10. Do you know what a crisis is?
11. Do you kn ow about restoring resiliaence in scho0l age children after a disaster?
12. Do you agree that seperating them from their primary caregiver is the solution to a traumatice event?
13. Do you think in the political industry there is a plan to minimize trauma in children and adults after a man-made or natural disaster? Do you think there should be one?
14. If I need help will you try to help me?
15. Am I important to you?
16. What matter to you?
17. John Ruskin says "That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy beings." Do you agree?
18. Do you think more suffering sh;ould be added to the world or should we each do our part to allieviate it?
19. Do you think a woman who has been the sole and primary caregiver of her children should lose her right to care for them because of natural or man-made disaster like fire?
20. Do you believe the government should always try it's best to make morale judgements?
21. If a constituent writes to the ministry of housing about a tramatic event (crisis) asking for help, that them isitry should have the decency and respect to reply?
22. Do you think a consequence for neglecting situations that cause harm is appropriate?
Thank you, I look forward to your reply. The world really is a better place when we are all cared for!

Comment by Debbie on 8th November 2009
There must be some history with this that needs to be shared to give the reader clarity into the questions.