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Light a candle... spend a few minutes to show that you care what happens to the planet!
General · 7th December 2009
Deb Cowper
As many of you are aware the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen is about to start. Canada's record for CO2 reductions and its performance at previous talks is dismal to say the least! It appears Canada will do everything in its power to wreck the talks in Copenhagen. Thousands of Canadians will be joining together this coming weekend in vigils.

Thank you, Joy Inglis for asking Islanders to meet at Quathiaski Cove shopping center on Saturday, December 12th from 11 am until noon, so that we too can join the rest of the world in a vigil. Bring candles, plackards and speak, if you wish.

Please read below (from for information on similar events around the world:

Over the next two weeks, our leaders will negotiate the most important agreement of our time - one that must stop a climate catastrophe.

Leaders are still desperately far from a real deal. For them to come together, the people need to first, like never before.

That's why the weekend of Saturday December 12 will be one of the largest global climate actions in history. Thousands of towns and cities will light up with climate vigils with one united message - The World Wants a Real Deal!

There are over 1450 registered vigils in 110 countries! Check out the list at ... the numbers are increasing all the time!

The events will be simple, important, and enjoyable - just show up and light a candle. Photos will be immediately delivered to global media and world leaders via the internet ...and don't forget to bring friends and family along!

And here's why they're effective: we've proved that this works. We came together for both the Global Wake Up Call and 350 day of action earlier this year and both made huge impact in the press and prompted direct responses from world leaders.

If this moment doesn't warrant huge global action, what does? And if we don't call for a strong climate deal, who will?

The whole world, including 200 civil society organizations representing tens of millions of individuals, as well as many governments and virtually every climate expert and scientist, are coming together around what's being called 'the real deal'. It's a simple 3 point deal: fair ambitious and binding. Its concrete benchmarks are our spin protection against politicians dressing up a bad deal as a heroic victory.

But to create global impact will require all of us across the world -- and that includes Canada

See you at the Cove on Saturday!!