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General · 12th December 2009
Dwayne Rourke
It is good for my soul to "get outa Dodge" every now and then, and hit the road to someplace new and different. And that is exactly what I did on Sunday, November 29, '09, when my wife Teresa and I and Teresa's daughter Kita headed off to the 2009 Truth Convergence: Project Uncensored conference in Nanaimo.

I knew from the moment we pulled onto the highway that it was going to be a very special day. The sky told me so. It had split open in a way I had not often seen in these parts. Clouds amassed at many elevations in a multitude of shapes sizes and colors. Suddenly, a phrase popped into my mind and I declared to my companions that we were about to experience a "tornado of truth-seeking"!

Conference organizer Raymond Geisler had chosen North Island University as the venue for the conference and it was perfect. The price was right, too: $20 for the whole day of speakers, all six of whom are highly qualified in their field. Raymond arranged to have the whole proceedings videotaped and he intends to release them online in the coming weeks. Find out more from Raymond's radio show called Unbought & Unbossed. It airs Wednesday evenings on CHLY. Click here for access to the live show via the CHLY schedule. Click here for past show archives.

Nick Versteeg - Food Security.

First up was Cowichan Valley resident Nick Versteeg, founder of the Slow Food Movement here on Vancouver Island. Nick has great faith in the power of an educated and pro-active citizenry to effect change. As a film maker, he produced the movie Island on the Edge, which is about food and food security on Vancouver Island. He encouraged all of us to wake up to the fact that most TV news is simply entertainment, and that we desperately need to get past the need to be entertained constantly. Nick says get active, tear up your lawn and plant a garden instead, utilize square foot gardening if space is limited, organize food related socials, buy seasonally and buy locally grown.

Bottom line with Nick: get involved, ask questions.

Wayne Prante – False Flag Ops: From 9/11 to Swine-Eleven.

Maple Ridge resident Wayne Prante was the 2nd speaker. He is co-founder of the first 9/11 Truth group in Canada as well as the organizer of the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference entitled “9/11, Canada and the New World Order: Reclaiming Our Destiny”. Video of the event can be accessed here.

Recently, Wayne has been instrumental in producing the informative website He gave a concise overview of his understanding of the current flu pandemic. He explained that a "false flag event" is a covert operation conducted by government or elements within government to foster fear. Such operations are extreme and are used as pretexts to further the agenda of the perpetrators. Co-intel ops in the 60's and 70's were cited as related phenomena. Government agents infiltrated groups posing a threat to the establishment.

Wayne cited the global warming scare as a monumental psy-op, and pointed to David Icke as a brilliant exposer of the lies and corruption associated with this and other mass-social engineering operations.

Basic to these operations is the threefold dialectic of "problem-reaction-solution". First a problem is created through covert means, then, when the people demand action, a solution is found, appropriate to implementing the original, hidden agenda.

Wayne calls us to wake up out of our mass distraction, and release ourselves from the corporate media-supported mind control being foisted upon us.

Basic to Wayne's talk was his explanation of "psy-ops'. They are used to exploit human vulnerabilities to facilitate mass mind control. They created bogeymen to foster fear and compliance.

When is comes to the swine flu, Wayne traced for us the timeline of the pandemic, beginning in Mexico the the spring of this year. From its inception to the present, the whole swine flu phenomenon has a sinister side not generally revealed in mainstream media. For one thing, H1N1, according to Wayne, is entirely lab created, which means that it is, in fact, a bioweapon.

The following informative websites were suggested by Wayne and by members of the well-informed audience:

Nuremburg Code

William Thomas – CELLPHONES OUT OF THE BOX: Radical Reflections On The Wireless Revolution.

Hornby Island resident Will Thomas gave a talk that was very discomforting, especially those of us regularly using wireless devices. Will claims that cell phones and cellphone networks will be our downfall, just as lead pipes were the downfall of the well-plumbed Roman Empire. As an unseen menace within the wired world of modern society, high frequency electromagnetic radiation is beaming at us from every direction.

Over 1500 scientists have revealed shocking facts indicating that permanent damage to DNA results from sustained exposure to such electromagnetic radiation. This damage is cumulative, and, according to Will, human-made electromagnetic fields are now the biggest pollution problem on the planet. Where, besides cell phones and cell phone towers does it show up? Microwave ovens in the kitchen, ultrasound diagnostics, bluetooth technology, and all wireless phones and computer routers.

One of Will's most disturbing revelations was that studies have shown that bee colonies placed near cellphone towers are completely wiped out within days. Scientific studies in Finland, where wireless phone technology was pioneered, an abundance of related health problems have emerged. Psychological dependency on cellphone use resulting in "compulsive communication" has now been identified, and teenagers are especially prone.

What does Will suggest? Turn off your wireless devices, and remove all cell towers! It is, of course, unlikely that this will happen anytime soon, at least not in a big way, because of the enless push by the corporations and the governments that serve them to increase the power levels and the consumption of product. Will points to the UN Bio-initiative Report as a harbinger of things to come.

WT is completing a new book called Zombie Nation. Watch for it in 2010.

Check out his website at


Kevin Annett – Genocide: Global and Local.

Nanaimo resident Kevin Annet started his career as a United Church minister in Port Alberni. He was later defrocked at a cost to the church of a quarter of a million dollars.

The whole debacle began when he asked his superiors why there were no Natives in the parish to which he was assigned, even though it was situated in a First Nations settlement. As you can imagine, the story is complex and stretches out over a lengthy timeline. It goes back to the arrival of Columbus on the shores of North America. All that has been achieved by Christendom since then has been at great cost to the indigenous people who had lived here for thousands of years.

A genocidal machine facilitated European expansion into the Americas, and it continues to this day. As Kevin points out, however, indigenous people are not the only targets of attack by those who would force their will on others (see his article Preparing for the Real Pandemic).

Modern society is burdened with examples of tyranny and injustice. Yet, none is more glaring than those found within the residential school phenomenon. Port Alberni's residential school is included in this and the full story of its history is revealed in Kevin's documentary film Unrepentant and in a soon to be released movie called The Diary.

Kevin himself knows of 28 mass graves associated with residential schools in western Canada alone. However, depth investigation of residential school crimes is held back because the RCMP was deployed by the government to forcibly take children from their homes in the first place. They are less than enthusiastic about opening up investigations into a past that will not reflect favourably on their actions. See for more information.

Government efforts to make amends for residential school crimes and to heal the generational wounds caused by them, have been primarily monetary. According to Kevin, they lack any real acknowledgment of what actually took place and of what will be required to heal the wounds caused by them.

What these First Nations people have endured is incomprehensible to most of us. What the government has been offering them in financial compensation is done so under the condition that the Church be indemnified from any future legal claim. This is the same formula of indemnity being applied to the distribution of vaccines for H1N1, only it is not just in the case of Native people, but for anyone receiving the largely untested vaccines. This reinforces Kevin's claim that we, the People, are ALL under attack.

Calling our era the "final battle for the soul of the Human Race", Kevin calls for us to look to our indigenous elders who have so long endured the genocide that we now face and ask: How have THEY survived?

Paul Grignon – Money: Jailor or Liberator.

The next presenter was Gabriola resident Paul Grignon. "Money As Debt" is the title of Paul's highly acclaimed movie about the origins and nature of one of humanity's most ubiquitous inventions.

Money is all about agreements, and the forms those agreements take have been many. In the technological age, new forms of money are emerging, and Paul is on the leading edge. (See his website for more).

Money began with the simple acts of merchants trading goods with others through a simple form of exchange called "barter". Attempts to overcome the natural limitations of the barter method resulted in the invention of money. As soon as money became a commodity among other commodities, it became open to manipulation. (See Paul's related article Money: Jailor or Liberator? where he explains this point in detail.

He also recommends that we watch the online video Crime of the Canadian Banking System for more information.

Splitting the Sky – Exposing the Cheney/Bush Cabal: War Criminals Past and Present.

We were already eight hours into the conference when this man took the podium, and, as saturated as I was with the profusion of information already received from the other speakers, I was very interested to hear what he had to share.

I first encountered Splitting The Sky (aka John Boncore) via the internet. As a former resident of Calgary (47 years), I had been alerted to the fact that, as his first public appearance as a speaker in a foreign country, George Bush had chosen Calgary. I was disturbed that this man, whom many consider a war criminal was being welcome into the city I once called home. It was to my great satisfaction, therefore, that I witnessed via YouTube demonstrators protesting at Bush's venue. In fact, one outrageous person was attempting a citizen's arrest of George W for the above mentioned war crimes. That person turned out to be Splitting The Sky. In full public view he was prevented from making a citizen's arrest by being himself arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer.

Click here for YouTube video of the arrest.

Splitting the Sky is currently engaged in a legal proceeding that has brought worldwide attention to his cause. He is pleading not guilty as charged and his defense will be based on his legal right to perform a citizen's arrest. If he has his way, his trial will bring out many important war crimes details related not only to the illegal activities of George W. Bush, but of his PNAC accomplices as well, most prominent of whom is former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In a passionate presentation of little-known 9/11 facts, Splitting The Sky outlined many of the reasons why he believes Cheney is the man at the center of the 9/11 tragedy. Based on this belief and the manay facts supporting it, he, Splitting The Sky, simply performed a legal act of civil resistance in an attempt to arrest Cheney's accomplice,George W. Bush, perpetrator of a war entered into illegally, using 9/11 as a pretext.

The trial is set for March 17, 2010, one year to the day of the arrest. Does Splitting The Sky have a hope in hell of succeeding? Several prominent political luminaries seem to think so, and are supporting his cause. These include Ramsey Clark, Cynthia McKinney, Michel Chossoudovsky, David Ray Griffin. See Splitting The Sky's website for more information.

Support for Splitting The Sky's cause is growing. Yet, as he himself acknowledged, people worldwide are caught in a kind of post 9/11 stress syndrome. Undoubtedly this is true and yet, perhaps it will be the lone act of a Mohawk warrior from New York who brings us out of it.

Conference Organizer Raymond Gelsler.
Conference Organizer Raymond Gelsler.
Conference participant KIta Navo sports a new badge
Conference participant KIta Navo sports a new badge
Kevin Annett, presenter.
Kevin Annett, presenter.