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General · 12th January 2010
Dwayne Rourke
I wonder if any of you have had the experience of simply questioning people about their assumption that global warming is human-caused, only to find yourself immediately labeled as a "climate change denier" and relegated to the same category as "holocaust deniers" and their ilk. Yikes! Excuse me for living!

To the great disappointment of people I mistakenly thought were more open minded, I have questioned the authoritative pronouncements of people like Al Gore, the IPCC and its many proponents locally, such as columnist Ray Grigg. Such questioning has put me into entirely new relationship dynamics with these people.

It seems to me that anyone who espouses to be an authority on climate change or any other matters, but who is unwilling to face up to scrutiny of their basic assumptions, deserves to be further challenged and challenged deeply. My concerns are amplified if these same people are alarmist in their presentation of what they deem to be the facts of the matter.

Al Gore is set to profit billions of dollars from the consequent alarm generated by his "educational" endeavors. Challenges to his public pronouncements have revealed a number of glaring untruths, not the least of which is his dramatic use of the infamous and now completely discredited "hockey stick" graph regarding the relationship between CO2 and global temperature rise. There are more untruths woven into Gore's presentations. Any Google search for Al Gore will reveal them.

If, like me, you aspire to investigate ALL manner of information source in making up your own mind about how to deal with climate change, you may be interested in the following CBC: IDEAS audio interview (podcast link, below). The interview is with Larry Solomon, author of the book The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud.

Here's how the CBC introduces it:

“The science is settled” is now the mantra of climate change activism. Those who disagree are either in denial or in the pay of an oil company. But long time environmentalist and energy activist Lawrence Solomon says no, the science is not settled. He talks with Ideas producer David Cayley.

For CBC audio podcast, click HERE.

Dwayne Rourke lives in Cumberland, BC and is is the editor/producer of The Cumberlander. He has recently released an new website called The Lightning Path: Hidden Promise of the Mayan Sacred Calendar.
What do you intend?
Comment by Dwayne Rourke on 24th January 2010
A few questions to those who would alarm us about climate change:

What do you intend when you call someone a "climate change denier"?

When you call for a massive collective reduction in the production of CO2, what exactly do you have in mind?

Are you proposing to block out the Sun's rays from reaching Earth through various high tech alterations of the atmosphere ?

Are you in support of cap and trade, carbon offsets, etc.?

Are you with the EPA in its designation of C02 as a toxin?
Talking is Good, but...
Comment by Teresa Wild on 13th January 2010
Clever analogies like "arranging deck chairs on the Titanic" do not paint a truthful picture of the debate here. Anyone who is sincerely concerned over the drastic actions being considered to combat "climate change" (spraying the atmosphere with sulphur dioxide, sending an array of reflectors into orbit to divert the sunshine away from earth, are just two being discussed) should be basing their beliefs on the facts, and, therefore, searching out the sources of their information. I, and I am not alone, have found many reasons to doubt the words of the IPCC and their "science". Long before "Climategate" I found many credible scientific opinions that differed 180º from the IPCC. Now that the evidence of fraudulent data and highly questionable forecasting methods have come to light (and not just from the leaked emails), many scientists are coming forward with growing support from their fellow climate researchers to speak of ostracization, defamation and prejudice directed at them from this group of political boot lickers. More and more people are rising up against this unscientific treatment of these sincere individuals who do not work for oil companies, never have, and never will.

There is a growing amount of evidence that the earth is cooling, and has been since the 90's. Would these geo-engineering measures actually precipitate the overdue ice age? I want to know! This is my planet, too, and I need the sun! What are the facts? Ask a climatologist. They don't all agree. Why not? Ask, ask, ask. Don't believe what I say, but find out for yourself.

A little research into those who sit on the IPCC will quickly reveal that the oil companies play a large role in the policies being touted. The oil coporations manipulate the oil market in all its ups and downs, and a basic understanding of the derivatives scam will show that they make money when the prices go up, and then again when they fall, because they call the shots. Even "peak oil" is suspect. If the scarcity of this commodity was real, these corporations would be far more concerned with shifting their money into alternative energy, or extracting from the huge reserves that have yet to be exploited. Everyone I talk to in the oil exploration field claims there is still lots out there. Who do you believe? Its a shell game(no pun intended?), and we all finance the bets. Just connect the dots. The truth is out there.

It takes a lot of guts to shift one's paradigm, but those of high intelligence will never hesitate to change it if they see that they have been prey to propaganda. If you are a truth seeker, believe in freedom and identify yourself as a spiritual warrior, you should always investigate the things that do not fit with your assumptions about reality.
As far as I can figure, our reason for being here on earth at this time of mass deception is to learn to recognize the truth, and we need our free will to do it.
How should one respond indeed?
Comment by Robyn Budd on 12th January 2010
Forgive me for persisting in my belief that we are arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Arguing about whether climate change is or is not anthropogenic seems to be missing some essential point, and I'm sure the big oil and big coal boys are loving every second of it. Not only does it provide the best ever smokescreen for corporate criminality and mass negligence, it gives all of us big permission to carry on with business as usual and deny ourselves both the responsibility and the power to strive to live in a just, equitable, and environmentally conscious way. But hey, we're talking about it, aren't we, and I guess that's as good as doing something about it....