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General · 20th January 2010
Joe Foy
The last time we e-mailed you about the fight to save the wild rivers of Bute Inlet, we had one simple request. We asked you to write a letter to Premier Campbell to tell him how strongly you wanted those wild rivers in the Bute Inlet area protected from plans to dam and divert them to produce hydropower for General Electric and Plutonic Power Inc.

Well, the people on this email list continue to amaze and delight us! Turns out that you folks write some mighty powerful letters. We promised to post some of them on our website – and we have. These heartfelt letters are amazing testimonials as to how much we all love our wild rivers and want them protected. Here a couple of quotes:

"I have been raised in the beautiful pristine back country of this area and love it passionately for it's untouched beauty. Please do not put power and money before the greatest wilderness that British Columbia can offer. Don't ruin my backyard, I want to keep sharing it with the generations to come."

"The ecology of this region cannot withstand this kind of mega-project. The people of BC deserve to be heard on this kind of project. It should not be promoted by politicians behind closed doors."

"The impact on Bute Inlet wildlife would be an enormous sacrifice for power we don’t need."

You can read more on our website,

I have some really good news. Actually I have freaking fantastic news! General Electric and their partners Plutonic Power have decided to postpone their bid to gain control of 17 rivers in the Bute Inlet area. This puts the Environmental Assessment Process into a holding pattern for at least 12 months. We have a saying here at the Wilderness Committee – "to stop a train you first have to slow it down." Well, this train has been slowed – a lot, thanks in large part to the wave of letters sent in by the folks on this 10,000 Voices e-mail list. You all deserve a great big pat on the back!

This just goes to show you that when enough folks get to know about a threat to our environment and then take action, even a giant company like General Electric can be knocked back on its heels. Today the wild rivers of Bute Inlet teem with fish that support grizzly bears and other wildlife. Let’s keep it that way! Now that the project to dam and divert Bute's rivers is on the ropes – lets get rid of it once and for all. Time to write another letter to the Premier telling him how much you want him to declare the Bute Inlet hydro power scheme dead – so that the wild rivers there can continue to flow free.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the good news – and the sample of your great letters we included. Next time we write we expect to have more good news about the fight to save Glacier and Howser Creeks in the Kootenays. Until then – say hi to the Premier for us. Bye for now.

Joe Foy, National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee