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General · 21st January 2010
Kirstie Stewart
Jan 10, 2010

In the last Quadra OCP review a village plan for the Cove was identified as a priority, particularly as a way of providing for unmet needs such as seniors housing and more affordable options for young people and families. The guiding principle is to plan for absorbing change in the clustered areas of Quadra to help preserve the rural and semi-rural areas.

The planning process has just begun, and will be highly community-driven. A Cove Steering Committee has been convened with representatives from many stakeholder groups, and there will be public meetings and a planning workshop this spring. The result will be a vision for the Cove covering the next few decades that has been produced by and for Quadra Islanders.

The Steering Committee was assembled with much thought over Christmas as the consultant planner was anxious to start at the beginning of January. People were chosen on the basis of their prior involvement or strong interest in the project, ability to put much time and energy into it in the next 5 months and track record of community involvment and commitment. A big effort was made to balance the committee so that all age groups and interests be included. However we had to make difficult choices and could not include all qualified people. The members will act as liaison people with their designated stakeholder group. Please bring your concerns or questions to the appropriate member. The member can keep you informed as to what is happening and carry your concerns to the Steering Committee . Of course you can also talk to any of the members if they happen to be your friends or neighbours. You do not have to wait until the public meetings to make your views known.
(Please see Steering Committee listed below).

This process needs you! What future do you see for the Cove, and what does a village mean to you? Do you want a walk-able, cycle-friendly place on Quadra with shops, services and compact housing nearby? What else would it include? How will it be sustainable? Please come out and participate.

The areas being considered are the two existing commercial hubs and the lots between, the residential area just east and the Toelle property south of the Cove Centre, the Weston Foods waterfront sites (former BC Packers net loft and boat works) plus Green Rd from Noble Rd. to Heriot Bay Rd. Of course some of these areas are already developed, while others are not- so there will be different approaches applied to each. As for the form that changes may take, there may be desired options that current zoning categories don’t cover, so new and amended zoning proposals will also be an outcome of the process.

The Steering Committee is just now setting out a schedule of events and information bulletins, so watch this paper. You can expect newsletters, public discussion, contact with steering committee members and a two day workshop this spring, with two public open house periods. Your committee members also have a Cove questionnaire that you are invited to reply to- look for announcements of where to get one.

David Rousseau (Cortes Island) is leading the process with the design assistance of three associates, including Rob Wood (Maurelle Island).

And please remember that this is not a development proposal. It is a vision to shape the future-- a way of guiding change to capture the qualities Quadra Islanders would like to have. Actual changes will only come when property owners participate, apply for rezoning where needed, and make investment.

Steering Committee:

Stakeholder group liaison person Phone.

Regional District Jim Abram 5-3355
Commercial/tourism Lois Taylor 5-2880
Commercial Kim Zapshala & Ed Fisher 5-3138
Young people Kirstie Stewart 5-3927
Benedict Leonard 5-2422
Lauren Miller 5-2787
Elderly, OAPs Marcia Wolter 5-3849
(alternate) Hilda Van Orden 5-3458
“Affordable” housing Riki Vogt 5-2640
Young families Sehleeah Schevers 5-2498
Families/people Rob McKerracher 5-3129
needing to downsize
Rental/seasonal workers Carol Woolsey 5-3737
Q Cove residents Ken Dinnes 5-2166
Property owners John Toelle 5-3065
Tina Oswald 5-3630
Sustainability Judy Leicester 5-2663
/”green” concerns
Co-Chairman. Seniors & Sue Beattie 5-2948
end of life care
Co-chairman Senior/disabled Mary McIntosh 5-3084
care, medical.
Cape Mudge Village TBA
Harbour Authority TBA
Weston Foods TBA

Submitted by David Rousseau : 250 935-6878
And Kirstie Stewart : 250.285.3559