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General · 11th February 2010
Geoffrey McNamara
Well, as the title suggests, this is only the beginning.

The passion that hides in all disc golf fans, is slowly making its way out of us through conscious decisions and positive outlooks. So far the Gumboot has been gracious, and helpful, in its support of the Quadra Disc Golf concept, and what it represents. I hope to carry that enthusiasm across the island, around the outer islands, up and down Vancouver Island, and around the province, that Quadra IS a great place to come visit, and play some disc golf.

This section will be dedicated entirely to the sport including tournament schedules and events, league days in Campbell River and Cortes Island, with the eventual addition of the Quadra Disc Golf league.

Also contained in this section will be the tips and tricks needed to play those tricky shots on local and Vancouver/outer island courses, reading the wind, disc selection, rules and regulations, as well as disc golf etiquette.

As some of you may already know, disc golf is played in much the same way as regular "ball golf" - without all the expensive course building, equipment purchases (such as clubs and balls, golf bags etc. sometimes reaching into the hundreds of dollars) tee times, and over the top green fees. The exception being of course, you play with a Disc, or "Frisbee". (Though for copyright reasons, they are commonly referred to as, "Discs". )

As we make our way through the weekly articles, we will start to build our skill sets, general knowledge, and ability to select the right disc, for the right job. Of course, who can forget? Throwing techniques.

Being what it is, an online article, I will post links to videos when possible to help those that prefer to learn through watching, and then doing. For the rest of us, I will try to make the transitions as seamless as possible from stance, hand and arm positions, to arm speed and release. Including exercises you can do to help you build strength for your Disc Golf game.
From there, it will be all up to you!

My favourite spot on Quadra Island is Rebecca Spit. I take my practice basket and head on down to the big grassy field at the end of the spit (where May Days is held) a big box of discs, and throw until my arm feels funny while focusing on my technique. By the end of the session, I have increased my abilities, received some great exercise, and met some really great people who are always interested in what I am doing. (and why I am playing fetch with myself in the middle of an open field?)

Now then, I suppose you are likely asking yourself, or possibly exclaiming;

"Do we even have a disc golf course on Quadra Island?"

" I have never even heard of it before".

Well, if that is the case, you are not alone. There are many residents who do not know about disc golf, and no, there is not a course on Quadra Island.

This issue is THE biggest reason for this section; to promote the sport, and get Quadra in the Disc Golf loop! The island needs free, easy to learn, recreation for the young and old. Kids programs, tournaments, leagues, tourism activities, or just daily enjoyment of the disc golf sport, which has been around for over thirty years and is highly, under appreciated.

To date, I have personally raised $1000 through sponsorships, ( thank you to those that have so far contributed-a full list of sponsors will be displayed very soon in recognition of their generosity) to purchase equipment and supplies, for a course that is to be installed on Quadra Island.

My first option is the community centre and the surrounding fields and trails. Not only can people go and play for free, there is potential revenue from sales and rentals for the community centre programs, infrastructure is already in place, and there is plenty of parking and playing space for all user groups.

At this point, letters of interest are needed to make the course happen. I have spoken with Sandy Spearing at the community centre, and she assures me that if I can generate enough community support, we can approach the Regional District to have the course installed. To me, there is no greater reward than having a community support the physical needs of the population, without having to pay gym fees, or become part of an exclusive club to participate.

Follow me on my journey, as I build awareness, and excitement around the sport of disc golf, and I will do my absolute best to not only entertain you, I will also try and increase your disc golf playing abilities, and introduce you to those already enjoying the sport at Rebecca Spit (a course my wife and I started seven years ago to fill the void, and is still enjoyed by the next generation of players with their own versions and layouts) and beyond.

I truly look forward to hearing from all of you. Please feel free to email me anytime if you are new to the sport, or an old time player wishing to see articles outlining specific questions, techniques, course locations, discs types, or what have you, pertaining to the sport of Disc Golf.

Until then, please, go out and enjoy some disc golf, wherever your passion takes you.

Flying High on fancy flying,
Geoffrey McNamara