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General · 11th February 2010
Michael Stahnke
Dear Islanders,

On Wednesday, February 10th, the Electoral Area Services Committee will recommend that the application for a scallop farm at Rebecca Spit proceed to a public hearing. The hearing will be in March. Please watch this newspaper for the exact date. The public hearing will be held in the community centre.

At the entrance to Rebecca Spit there is a bronze plaque which reads:

“This area was the property of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Clandenning, the site of many picnics in pioneer days. Through the years the people of Quadra and the surrounding islands have met in community gatherings as the Clandenning family graciously threw open their grounds for use on those occasions. It is fitting that this area should now be dedicated as a public park for the use of the people for all time.

June 20, 1959”

Rebecca Spit /Paddy’s Lagoon is a Quadra Island treasure, a sacred place. Rebecca Spit is our most important centre, spiritually and culturally. It deserves our protection. If commercial/industrial aquaculture is allowed off shore, adjacent to the Park and in front of the Lagoon, it will change forever the nature of the park and our appreciation of it. It will forever alienate those familiar waters for all other uses. If we permit this to happen it will change the way we feel about ourselves.

Never before has Our Park been threatened with severe degradation, and now Our Park needs our help. Rebecca Spit/Paddy’s Lagoon is not an appropriate location for commercial/industrial aquaculture. We need to preserve this wonderful place. Please become involved. Attend the public hearing, make a written submission. Oppose this application.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Stahnke
Comment by Philip on 23rd February 2010
Isn't there an incongruity between the opposition to the scallop farm and the push to repair the road on Rebecca Spit?
On the one hand you have a visually innocuous and reportedly 'sustainable' shellfish development. And on the other hand you have a demand to repair, even pave, a road that completely ruins any ecological integrity the spit might have, chokes the air with dust and through erosion and compaction is whittling the very ground away to a point where it's being considered to truck in new spit from a gravel pit. All apparently so 'we' can enjoy the spit.
Strangely it seems to be the same 'community' that opposes one and proposes the other. Which leads me to believe there is no real vision for Rebecca Spit Provincial Park at all.
Comment by Jean on 16th February 2010
I am writing to correct a point made in a previous comment.

Paddy's Lagoon actually belongs to the Province, not the Band. IR #9 lands stop at the highest high tide line. The water, including Paddy's Lagoon, is provincial jurisdiction. All land below the highest high tide line is owned by the province. Local governments have zoning jurisdiction. This is true for all waterfront properties in the province. This legislation prevents landowners from denying access to the water and beaches below the high tide line - unlike some parts of Europe where property fences actually extend underwater out to the low tide line. The beach and the Lagoon are public use property.

paddy's and the park
Comment by pat gibson on 15th February 2010
perhaps we should remember that paddy;s lagoon is NOT part of the park, it belongs to the band and they are kind enough to let us use it

all i can see out there is a few floats, i dont see a problem
have you tasted the scallops???
A very special place
Comment by Debbie on 12th February 2010
Rebecca Spit is a very special place. Islanders love it. Tourists love it. Some come back every year to visit it. It would be appreciated by future earth dwellers if they too had the opportunity to love it in its present glory.