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General · 15th February 2010
Luise Grav
Several years ago at a May Day celebration, a very deserving island citizen was honored for his contributions to the community. He gave a speech thanking the Clandenning family for donating the land to the people of Quadra......There was much to do about the generosity of the family....all very well......but to me, there was a huge piece missing.

No one mentioned the First Nations people who once inhabited the spit.....who once called it their home .....who once harvested the clams and the eel grass roots, the sea asparagus, the seaweed......who pulled their canoes up on the shore......who launched their canoes......the ones who created the vast middens that are now covered in grass...that few people know they are walking on. What about the people who built the lookout from where we can see all the way to they could watch for approaching canoes from the did the spit get from them to the Clandennings? What was that process like ? Did they donate the land to the Clandennings? How about an appreciation for their generosity?

On that May Day I almost went up to the microphone to say what he forgot.....the people before should be honored as well.....I hesitated...said what I thought to some friends standing there.....they said "don't do it....he's a nice man, he just will make enemies."...So I didn't speak up that day......But I will speak up this day.

The sign at the park entrance that Micheal Stanhke quotes as authority and precedence also forgot to mention the First Nations people's relationship to the jewel of our island. That sign was made by people of a colonial mindset..........Do we want to perpetuate that ?

Rebecca Spit
Comment by diane on 23rd February 2010
Thanks Luis for reminding us of the original inhabitants of the spit and of all the lands we now reside on and "own".
thanks Luis...
Comment by robyn mawhinney on 18th February 2010 said it perfectly. The Spit and it's rich history is a treasure to be appreciated and honoured.
We as an island community need to be respectful and inclusive. Too badyou didn't get up and say what you wanted at that MayDay. Maybe it would have fostered inclusive awareness.