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Potholes at Rebecca Spit by Gloria Rolfson
General · 25th February 2010
Jim Abram
I only have a few items to update you on this report. They are, however, important ones, so please read on.

Rebecca Spit road update

As I mentioned in my last report (see: Hows 'bout them potholes, eh? - ACTION REQUESTED!), I have been in contact with Ron Quilter, North Island Section Head, Parks and Protected Areas Division of Ministry of Environment, and his superior, Mr. Scott Benton, Executive Director for the Parks Branch of the Ministry of Environment, concerning the conditions at Rebecca Spit park. Both of these people have been very good to deal with over the many years I have been in local government and are willing to do what they can for us at Rebecca Spit. Concurrently, Paul Ryan, a long time Quadra Islander whom many of you know, was in contact with the operational supervisor for the park, Brent Blackman. Paul walks his dog at the park almost daily and was pretty fed up with the situation on the road, as was I. So, we were both unknowingly pursuing the same goal with various people. I managed to get a firm commitment from both Ron and Scott that Rebecca Spit will be dealt with immediately with a band-aid fix, and in the long term, a complete and proper rebuild of the road and possibly the boat ramp (depending on an inspection tour). Paul, in the meantime, gathered two local business people, Doug Peters and Bill Pirie, to discuss the donation of machine and operator time to help fix the road. He also got Brent Blackman for Parks to commit to some fuel costs and some fill for the road as a temporary fix. So we are all now working together and will meet on site this week on the 24th at 4pm to discuss what will actually be done and when.

I also spoke to Ron Quilter about the rumour regarding fire ring removal from the picnic area. He assured me that they have no intention of doing so and that he would insure that the contractor did not remove them either. The contractor would need permission from Ron to do so and he is not willing to do that. So, I think the rings will stay!

I am feeling quite relieved at the cooperation received to date from the Ministry and very appreciative to Paul for his help on this matter at the local level. It is great when someone "steps up to the plate" and assists me in getting what we need for the good of the community. I will still need your letters of support sent to Ron Quilter, at Please send a copy to me and to our MLA, Claire Trevena. The pressure has got to stay on them if we want this much needed work to be completed.

Scallop farm rezoning near Rebbeca Spit

While I am talking about the Spit, I will fill you in on the application by the Cape Mudge Band to rezone 85.5 hectares of water area for the rearing of scallops. This application extends into a portion of the Park, and extends past IR #9 to the area in front of the private properties at the south of the Reserve boundary. It was considered at the Electoral Areas Services Committee last week and will go to the Board on Feb. 23rd for the setting of a public hearing date. That date will be March 17th at 7pm at the Quadra Community Centre. If you have any concerns or comments about this application, the public hearing is your opportunity to voice those comments. The regional board will make its decision based on all of the input received and the agency referral comments. I look forward to seeing you there.

Q. Cove Village planning process
We had a great public meeting on Wednesday, February 10th, at 7 p.m. at the Quadra Island Community Centre. It was very well attended. I started the presentation with an introduction to the process and the history of the project. We then were treated to a very informative presentation by the consultant who is running the process, David Rousseau. It was obvious from the questions and comments that there is a lot of interest in this initiative and I am very pleased with the direction that it is going. This is truly a "from the ground up" process and the public is playing a major part in it. The steering committee (refer to two reports prior to this one for the list) is meeting regularly and the questionnaires are coming in at a steady pace. You can get one at Hummingbird Office Supply or the Heriot Bay Inn and turn them in to Hummingbird. They are very short and only ask you some general questions about what you would like to see in the Cove. Fill one out!

The next public meeting will be on March 9th, 7pm, at the Community Centre. At this meeting you will learn more about the charrette process (the visioning and design workshop): what it is and when it will take place, and how you can have input. I hope you can all make the March 9th meeting.

BC Ferries Closure plans

You will be receiving more on this by official notice from BC Ferries but I wanted to tell you what transpired this past week. I was party to a conference call with the staff at BC Ferries who are making the plans for the upcoming closure of Q. Cove terminal so they can replace the approach and ramp. The closure will take place from April 6th through April 10th. The contract has been issued and the plan is in the works. There will be a water taxi from Q. Cove to Campbell River during the regular schedule of sailings. They will have two boats available and will sail them roughly every 20 minutes. The pick up point will be at the bottom of the ramp at the Harbour Authority dock. On the Campbell River side it will be at the Coast Marina dock. There will be three staff present on the Q. Cove side for the full sailing day. Parking will be made available in the holding lanes on the Q. Cove side and in the Harbour Authority parking lot, free of charge. No one will be ticketed or towed during this closure.
On the Campbell River side, parking will be made available in the fenced compound for the entire period. Commuters and others will be able to leave their cars there as needed. Medical emergencies will be dealt with by water taxi and helicopter if necessary. Follow all of the usual methods during an emergency (911).

The talk was originally of having the Powell River Queen sail from Heriot Bay to Campbell River a few times a day. That depended on getting a special license to do so from Transport Canada. They were unable to obtain that license so the plan has changed. The Tachek and the Tenaka (both used on the Cortes run at different times of year) will both be used. One will sail from Cortes to Campbell River directly and the other will sail from Heriot Bay to Campbell River direct. There will be three round trip sailings per day. The plan as it stands is to have the Heriot Bay run take only commercial traffic and the Cortes run will operate on a first come, first served basis. There will be NO service between Quadra and Cortes island, not even a water taxi.

They were going to hold a public meeting on Quadra Island only, but I insisted that they would be wise to hold meetings both on Quadra and on Cortes and in the evening, so a maximum number of people can attend. They have agreed to that and just need to follow through on the commitment.

I hope this fills you on the details. This is all that I know at this time and I wanted to make sure that I shared the information with you at the first opportunity.

That is about it for this issue. Feel free to call me between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday (not on weekends, folks!) at 285-3355, or you can fax me at 285-3533 or you can email me anytime at , or by mail at Box 278 in the Cove, V0P 1N0... Lots of choices.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Abram
Director, Discovery Islands - Mainland Inlets (Area C), SRD