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General · 3rd March 2010
Lynne Stone
North Island MLA Claire Trevena criticized the BC Liberal government’s lack of vision in the first day back in the Legislature since the Olympics.

Trevena described the government as “bereft of ideas but full of ideology” as it continues at full speed privatizing public services.

In her response to the Throne Speech, in which the government sets out its agenda for the coming session, Trevena criticized the continued hypocrisy over the introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax, and the lack of a vision for the province.

“Now is the time for brave action, for a new way of approaching our communities, our economy, our industries and our environmental obligations. Now, because, of climate change, because of our changing economy, because of insecurity and uncertainty in our communities,” said Trevena.

“We have got to make that leap and start to do things differently. We have to embrace a vision of sustainability and of resilience and to make it work – in an equitable, in a just way – for our people and our province.”

Trevena talked about the needs of the North Island which continue to be ignored by the Campbell government: the need for real jobs, the need to address the crisis in the forest sector, and the need for investment in our public health care and public education.

Trevena made her remarks the day before the BC Liberal budget which is expected to introduce more cuts to these essential services and other areas that will once again negatively impact the North Island.

Trevena also used the opportunity to congratulate all athletes who took part in the Olympic Games, as well as all the people who made the event such a success.

The full text of Trevena’s speech can be found at: