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General · 16th March 2010
Alex Morton
Last week a fish farm magazine (Intrafish) reported that stickleback fish are the source of sea lice, not salmon farms and our government scientist appeared to agree. The non-government scientific community of BC have thoroughly and repeatedly trounced this, and yet here is it again.

Therefore, I have decided it is time to take the issue of industrial salmon farming to the people in an unprecedented way. I have written letters, done the science, met with government and industry around the world, engaged in government processes, talked to thousands of people, been the subject of international media and films and today I stand facing a vertical wall of impenetrable denial. Nothing has brought reason to this situation. We will lose our wild salmon if government continues to carelessly put farm salmon before wild salmon every time.

Because there has been no significant progress in spite of this enormous effort and time spent by many, I no longer feel there is hope of reforming this industry. Government is allowing Norwegian salmon farmers to continue denying even the most basic issues, like sea lice and ISA virus introduction to the North Pacific. If we let this play out our wild fish simply will not survive

So it is time for the Get Out Migration. I am not talking about all aquaculture. I am referring specifically to the massive scale Norwegian feedlots. There are Canadian fish farmers who know how to use tanks on land who are not impacting our wild salmon and herring. This is about saving wild salmon and all of us who depend on them.

I will begin deep in the beautiful Ahta River in mid-April with the salmon, and move by boat through the Broughton Archipelago to Sointula. On Earth day April 22 I will simply start walking to Victoria and ask people joining me to stand up for wild salmon so that our politicians will know we exist. We will communicate our progress and connect the countries facing this industry through the website

We hold salmon as sacred because they so generously feed our world. They built the soil of this province with their flesh, they grow our children, they feed the trees that make the oxygen we breath, AND they are food security in a world losing even the ability to pollinate flowers.

When we get to Victoria, we will meet with representatives from government.

We cannot match the corporate fish farm PR machine, nor their lobbying power. So I am simply inviting people to make themselves visible by joining us on foot, electronically and by mail. This will be peaceful, colourful, musical, fun, and family-oriented. Unless we all stand up and become visible, government will continue to degrade the laws of Canada for the benefit of the salmon farming industry, as suggested in the most recent throne speech. The salmon farming industry cannot survive unless is it free to grow relentlessly to meet their responsibility to their European shareholders. BC cannot survive this, we know we cannot pour an endless amount of fish into the ocean. We will carry a message to the Federal government – do not degrade the Fisheries Act again so that it no longer protects the fish that belong to the people of Canada!

Please stand up for wild salmon by joining a migration emerging from the Broughton Archipelago, leaving Sointula on 22nd April, and closing with a blessing in Victoria on Mothers’ Day (9th May). If you are interested in hosting other events, leading a migration arm from the Fraser River Valley, Gold River or other places in BC. or just joining us for one step of the way please let us know. This website will be active shortly.

Hope to see you on this migration.
Alexandra Morton