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100 year old miners cabins at Lucky Jim Mine
General · 29th March 2010
quadra history club
All that's left is copper, copper, COPPER! or at least that's all we found on our latest history rambling.
This time the history club went to the Lucky Jim mine in search of gold (but the only gold we found was fools gold!). There were still lots of remains of the log cabins where the miners lived. This year the log cabins are 100 year old (wow!) You can still climb inside the cabins but be careful because they're very rotten (as one of the members of our history club knows very well.)

We threw rocks down the old shafts, covered with wire, and counted how long it took to hit the water. We hunted for gold, we were gold hungry, in the slag heaps - but all we found was copper and limestone.

If you go there's still a big piece of metal that once was a big machine for pumping water out of the mines. There's lots of water in the mines now.

We would have got some pictures - but some people forget camera batteries. What we're trying to say, is there's lots to take pictures of, so don't forget your batteries! (like some people we know, for example Jeanette!).

The Lucky Jim Mine is a great experience for feeling the pressure miners had.

Tune in next time for our next adventure, tea with Joy (Walker) Huntley and Ursula (Walker) Lewis, who grew up on Homewood Farm (now Camp Homewood).