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General · 1st April 2010
Jo-Anne Moore
...And all islanders alike are invited to join and contribute to this discussion group. Initially, it was started in an effort to develop a Code of Conduct for cyclists commuting on the ferry. Since this time though, it has become apparent to most users that BC Ferries management is not actually interested in working collaboratively with Island Bicyclist in an effort to support this “greener” form of commuting.

Having said that, many issues raised in this group have been valuable and relevant to commuting by bicycle and by ferry. Today, with the implemention of a $2 bicycle charge for non-"Experience Card” passengers on the minor routes, I think we can reasonably anticipate that “Experienced” cyclists will soon also have to pay this charge as well. There are pros and cons to this issue and there is certainly many creative and lawful ways of dealing with it. Along the way of this journey I’ve been learning that Quadra Island Bicyclists have had a long history of “activity” and am heartened and inspired by creative resistance tactics employed by my fore-mothers and fathers. I am so proud to be a part of this community!!

To conclude: this discussion group has been re-purposed as a place to go to find like-minded bicyclist and their allies, to share strategies for coping and to hatch and organize action plans if and when there’s a mind for it. As such and to ensure the safety of contributors, access to the group is limited to members who join the group. To join the group simply click this link to log on:

Log on, stay tuned and ride safe!