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Black Brant, 1, photo by Guy Monty
General · 9th April 2010
C.V. Naturalists Soc. Birders
Brant in the Bay in Comox
Saturday, April 17, 2010
Noon to 3 p.m.
Goose Spit Park, Comox

Join birders from the Comox Valley Naturalists Society to celebrate the migration of Pacific Black Brant at the regional district’s Goose Spit Park. Learn about the Brant's long journey and get a chance to observe the birds up close through spotting scopes set up along the beach.
Brant geese that you may see have flown non-stop from Mexico to Vancouver Island. They arrive thin, tired and hungry. Most have only a few days to regain their weight and strength before making another non-stop flight to the Alaska Peninsula and then to their nesting grounds beyond. The Brant are joined by thousands of waterfowl, shorebirds, gulls and bald eagles, all seeking to build up their condition prior to migrating and nesting. Together they provide a great opportunity for spectacular wildlife viewing.
Today, Brant numbers are decreasing. Many scientists attribute these declines to human-related disturbances, climate change and loss of crucial habitat, especially around migration stopovers. The Brant and other birds feed near the tide-line and therefore are especially vulnerable to disturbance by dogs and people. Because they need to rest and feed undisturbed at this critical time, please watch for and obey regulatory signs when you are walking your dog.
The 2010 Brant Wildlife Festival (, coordinated by The Nature Trust of British Columbia, runs from early March to the end of April; it celebrates and highlights the biodiversity of the area, our interdependence on the natural ecosystems around us and the importance of nature to everyone’s quality of life.
Black Brant, 2, photo by Guy Monty
Black Brant, 2, photo by Guy Monty
Scoters and gulls, photo by Guy Monty
Scoters and gulls, photo by Guy Monty