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General · 13th April 2010
norberto rodriguez dela vega
Allow me to point to a wonderful article by Riane Eisler, called Roadmap to a New Economics: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism

The key concept in her article is Caring Economics, something that could help us in meeting all our human needs: material, emotional and spiritual.

It is a bit long and word it every word..

The article is here:

or here:

This is how it begins:

When thinking of a new economics, let's not think of stocks, bonds, derivatives, or other financial instruments. Let's think of children. Let's ask what kind of economic policies and practices are good for children. Let's ask what's needed so all children are healthy, get a good education, and are prepared to live good lives. More fundamentally, let's ask what kind of economic system helps, or prevents, children from realizing their great potentials for consciousness, empathy, caring, and creativity -- the capacities that make us fully human.

Once we address these questions, we can start designing the road map to the economic system we want and need: one that promotes not only human survival but also full human development.

We must design such a system, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the economically sensible thing to do, particularly as we move into the postindustrial knowledge-information era where the most important capital is what some economists call "high-quality human capital." Indeed, Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen concurs that the aim of sound economic policy must be human capacity development.