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Ogwila'ogwa (Molina Dawson)
General · 14th April 2010
Alex Morton
Ogwila'ogwa (Molina Dawson) is a 14-year old girl from Kingcome Inlet, who is raising money to join the migration all the way from Port McNeill to Victoria. Molina says: “I, for one, am not going to just sit around and watch while our Indigenous wildlife slowly gets picked off, only to be replaced by a bunch of freaky farm fish! Fish farms cause a series of harmful problems in our home and territory, such as the continuing decrease in our salmon population, on account of the sea lice. At the rate we are losing our Coho, Chinook and Pink Salmon, we could end up losing them for good. With them, the rest of our wildlife as well, because everything relies on our salmon. Bears, eagles, whales and seals all rely on them as a food source. There are other problems caused by fish farming.... All in all, fish farms are just not worth it!”
You can help Molina by contributing to her walk! For more details please visit: