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General · 22nd April 2010
Claire Trevena
North Island MLA, Claire Trevena, called for a province-wide discussion about the HST before the BC Liberals force the unpopular bill through the Legislature.

Speaking on an Opposition motion to put the bill in the hands of the bipartisan Select Standing Committee on Finance so there can be a full discussion about the HST, Trevena said that people who are upset about the proposed changes need to be heard.

“What I would hope would be that this committee can go to different areas of B.C. to places where people want their voices heard, people who are experts, people who are in business, people who are in the tourism sector, people who want to participate in the debate,” Trevena said in the Legislature.

“It is a supremely worthwhile endeavour..... to have that committee listen to what people have got to say.”

Trevena said this would be an ideal way of ensuring that tax and financial experts could be heard, as well as people and businesses who are going to be impacted by the 7 percent flat tax.

The Opposition has spent the last two weeks debating Bill 9 which will allow for the HST to be introduced. The Opposition needs just seven BC Liberal MLAs to vote with it to stop the bill passing and so prevent the introduction of the HST.

Trevena’s speech can be found at: (at 14:35)
Comment by tom on 23rd April 2010
Right on gal....Lets keep this one on the front burner. Regardless of what you think about Bill Vanderzalm and his politics, his petition is gaining popular support among all voters. Lets all do our part and tell Mr. Campbell we've had enough. If you can find some extra time volunteers are needed to canvas our riding...Just google