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General · 25th April 2010
Buffy Bye
Hi, I posted a short snippit of today's Beach Clean-Up Day to

with thanks to all the great people who worked hard to get the rubbish off our beaches.
Record Number of Truck Loads
Comment by Buffy Bye on 28th April 2010
Confirmed this was a record breaking year with 8 truckloads of rubbish taken out, more trucks than we had so some had to make two trips! More garbage or less people gathering I wonder?

Apparently considerably more tires and styrofoam (big chunks). Wow so it wasn't just my imagination the piles were higher.

Video approved for posting by CBC (I submitted) as well :)

Thanks, all!
Comment by Robyn Budd on 26th April 2010
Buffy, ta for this great wee film that captures a sliver of everything that makes our community so stellar. And thanks to all who came out and made Sierra Quadra's 13th Annual Beach Clean-up such a success. Here's to a day when our beaches stay clean!!!
RE: Quadra Island 13th Annual Beach Clean-Up Day
Comment by Buffy Bye on 26th April 2010
What I wonder is has anyone kept a rough tally of the amount (truckloads) and type (i.e. plastic, rubber, styrofoam) over the past 13 years to see if it's getting worse.

Also, every time I walk on the beach I find little plastic 'shuttles' just the right bite size for a fish to choke on and empty casings just the right size for a fry to get stuck.

A local told they're from shotguns, likely from cruise ships for skeet shooting but it seems this practice has stopped from what I could find.

I've picked up hundreds over the years, niney alone in the past few months since I finally started counting them.

Anyone have any ideas where these are coming from?

good job
Comment by Debbie on 26th April 2010
As always, a job well done!!
Comment by Deb Cowper on 25th April 2010
Cheers Buffy, what a lovely tribute to the organizers and participants of the annual Beach Clean-up. A great job as usual Quadra... shame more garbage will just keep piling up. Why do so many people continue to think of the ocean as a dumping ground?