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General · 27th April 2010
Alex Morton
We have completed the first leg of the journey from Sointula to Sayward! The send off from Sointula was very warm, hundreds of people walked with us the 10km from Port McNeill across the Nimpkish River. There was beautiful and powerful send off celebration by the Namgis with children dancing in regalia. We were given salmon to sustain us and they sang and performed a ceremony in the river.

After a nourishing lunch we walked on into the mountains. About 15 of us walked through the mountains, friends and neighbours affected by the industry. Hundreds of people honked and waved, people stopped and walked with us for a few hours. People from Hope Town stopped in and joined us at our campfire in Eve River. People have given us food, foot rubs, donations and sang as we walked. As we walked into Sayward local people joined us and walked with us into the campground. We spent last night there in a raging storm, I so thankful for the people wit me on this. A hot fire roared and there was good food and laughter.

It has been an amazing start. This has become a people's movement. If enough people walk with us through their towns and again in Victoria we will change this industry and save our communities. I feel very strongly that government must take good care of the people who are now dependent on the Norwegian salmon farm industry for an income. There are not that many of them and they do not need to suffer due to government’s mistake in letting this Norwegian industry into BC’s most valuable wild salmon migration corridors. We need to take the salmon farm leases and place covenants on them as the salmon farmers have control now of the locations of greatest natural fish productivity, they are lodged in the vital organs of this coast. In Broughton they are sited where government promised there would be none in the Coastal Interest Resource Study. I don’t want to venture a guess how this was allowed, but it is wrong and must be corrected as soon as possible if we expect wild salmon to continue to feed us. This places must be allowed to do what they do best – produce wild fish.

Today, some of us will go by boat to support the people of the Discovery Islands who want Grieg, Cermaq and Marine Harvest to close their farms on the Fraser River sockeye migration route. Only the Fraser sockeye that passed through the Discovery Islands vanished, the other run did very well last year. Others in our dedicated team of volunteers, people of this coast, will continue walking towards Campbell River

Thank you for all your support! You can see us as we progress at in short video blogs being posted there.

We can do this, we can peacefully regain control of our wild salmon and the prosperity of our towns, but it will take every single person who wants wild salmon and thriving towns to stand up and make themselves visible to Ottawa

Thank you,