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General · 3rd May 2010
Bob Lasby
Two more ribbons of red tape to cut through (minor ones) and we are ready to start construction on the first duplex. It looks like a start date in June and a finish date by November. Thanks to John Toelle for a great job preparing Budgets and Capital Costs, which were presented to the Board at a meeting following the AGM.

Together with the Scope of Work, we are now ready to begin finding contractors to get the concrete and lumber moving! John mentioned the wide support there is in the community for the project, and that lots of people are ready to donate their time.

There will soon be a call for volunteers to perform miscellaneous jobs, and contribute equipment such as ladders & extension cords.

19 members attended the AGM, where Tucker Dinnes and Ruth Amiabel were elected to the Board and Riki Vogt elected for another term. There is still one vacancy.

A motion was carried to establish a Selection Committee of five persons, who will recommend a priority list of candidates from those applying for rental of available units.

Three members volunteered, and one board member and one person from the community will complete the Committee.

The Duncans were honored with a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate, in recognition of their persistence in carrying the project forward for the past 15 years. Happy Retirement Ken and Shirley.

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