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General · 31st May 2010
Frank Assu
To the good people of Quadra Island. A while back I had warned that the Cape Mudge Band could and would take measures in reaction to the discriminatory words and behaviour of a few simple and single minded people of Quadra. I have heard that not a majority of people feel this way about the Cape Mudge band and its people, but unless YOU come forward and speak out against what you think is unjust critiscism of the band and its economic development the band can only assume that all the people feel this way too.

If the spit is the Jewel you all say it is, why not act in a manner that is respectful towards everyone, not just what is best for you or the non-native population. Like all people the Cape Mudge band is reacting to what it feels is an attack on them. They have every right to attempt to reclaim the spit (and the lighthouse) so if the people of Quadra want to be able to use it in the future if they win, why don't they stop the discriminatory attacks by a few and publicly denounce those as a VERY Few Minority. It would be best if the people (First Nations and Non-First Nations) to all get along, much like how the feel of the island used to be. If concerned citizens can get together and be rational all things can be settled in a peaceful and hopefully fair (as fair as it can be) manner. As I said before let the people of Quadra live and interact with each other in a harmonious way, one that shows just how great the island is and can be a leader in First Nation relations for the rest of the province.
Unfortunately it already is about race
Comment by Frank Assu on 5th June 2010
I thank you for your opinion, but it already is about race, and it has been for years. It goes back to when the band started the campsite and then the lodge was protested as well saying that it is going to ruin the island.
One cannot say it has nothing to do with race when it is an us vs them situation no matter who is involved. Also when you look at some of the comments that were said in the Regional District meeting about the proposal on the scallop farm and then remarks made in the paper - One Quadra resident is quoted as saying "Those people do not have a good track record in business and should not be allowed this because of that poor record" by saying 'those people' that is discriminatory and without that person clarifying it, it can only be taken as racially based as well.

Would the opinion of opposition of the scallop farm be soley based on a irrational fear of change? Things change all the time, and for people moving to the island or having been their for years to protest the original inhabitants (before non-native settlers) is irresponsible. People who move to Quadra and then become high and mighty and want to proctect their little oasis by preventing development is one of the things that is wrong with this situation.

So by trying to ignore that it has a racial component to this dispute is also not helping things, only causing things to simmer. People must think about the rational logical reasons for opposing the scallop farm or any other development. But so far all I have seen and heard is a knee jerk reaction of the Not in My Back Yard attitude that does not respect other peoples rights for making their lives better. So far most of the historical disputes on the island have been when the band has tried to expand its economic development. Did anyone protest when Walcan came to the island? or how about April Point or Whisky Point Lodge? In order to not make protests about race people will have to protest all developments rather than just the band developments.
It has nothing to do with race!!!!!
Comment by Terry Peebles on 2nd June 2010
The reason that people are against the scallop farm has absolutely nothing to do with the native versus non- native issue and to make it a race issue is irresponsible and inflammatory . It would'nt have made a difference to the outcome whether those proposing this were white or native, it still would have been protested and turned down. Making it an issue of race will only create tension, anger and cause a breakdown of relationships .I ask what good can that possibly serve?