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General · 31st May 2010
Emily Brooks
I would like to thank the people of Cape Mudge Village for allowing me and my family and friends the privilege of enjoying their land. In addition to winter walks through the We-Wai-Kai campground and along Patty’s Lagoon, I have enjoyed the walk from the village to the lighthouse and campground. Frequently, I bring visitors from off the island and other countries along these beautiful, well maintained paths to experience the natural beauty of our island. I have never directly asked permission for access to the Band property, but have always been welcomed with smiles , nods, and waves. Thank you for your generosity and your support of the broader Quadra community.
red herring
Comment by Mark Lenahan on 4th June 2010
The claim the reserve land doesn't belong to the Cape Mudge Band is about as meaningful as Gordon Campbell's claim that BC Rail wasn't privatized.
For all intents and purposes it certainly does belong to the band.
Second Rate Citizens?
Comment by Frank Assu on 2nd June 2010
Well Mr. Ryan,
I guess that First Nation people who were here long before any European and had their lands taken away are still second rate people with no land to call their own. Is it your opinion that anyone can use reserve land because the Canadian Government owns it. You open yourself up to many different cans of worms with those comments.
Why don't you explain yourself a little further and tell me and the rest of Canada how reserve land is not private property and back it up with facts and documents.
If we cannot live in a world today that moves past discriminatory remarks and predjudices how can our wolrd surrive?
What will you say when the People of Cape Mudge finalize their treaty and then the spit and other lands do become theirs? When a Treaty is signed then the reserve system is no longer in effect. It is comments like those that continue to bread animosity towards people of different races.
Thanks for ?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 2nd June 2010
While I appreciate the sentiments of the other two posts on this subject, I'm afraid I have to inject a note of levity. The reserve land referred to by Mr Assu and others is not the property of the Cape Mudge Band. The land belongs to the people of Canada and has been set aside for use by the Band. The fact that they let us walk across it in the off season is great, but it is not "Private Property" as their signs say!
Thank you to the Cape Mudge Band
Comment by Aldo Green on 1st June 2010
I would like to take this moment to thank the Cape Mudge Band for allowing, not only myself and the folks on Quadra, but folks from everywhere to be able to enjoy their land. I have never asked nor have I ever been denied by anyone from the Band to enjoy their land... I just wish I could say the same for some non native folks on this Island who are probably the same folks putting up such a ridiculous resistance. I would like to see more employment on this Island and better wages, so go to it Cape Mudge and anyone else trying to create employment on this Island.