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General · 4th June 2010
Jim Abram
A letter to David Hahn, CEO, BC Ferry Service

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Dear David;

It has come to my attention today that BCFS will no longer be allowing for the pick up and drop off of parcels on our ferry route. This is a service that has been provided by the ferry as long as there has been a ferry!.

The lame excuse of "for security reasons" is completely ridiculous and sounds like something out of the George W. Bush Homeland Security era. This is Canada. This is not an airport. This is our highway.

This is not going to fly with the public of Quadra Island. If you look at what we spend in increasing ferry fares and other transportation costs, this comes out as a draconian measure.

Please consider the environment! Each of those parcel exchanges represents less carbon pumped into our atmosphere. I have been told that BCFS is actually concerned about such issues.

I was literally mobbed by my constituents this afternoon at the Q. Cove Centre concerning this issue. It is not acceptable and is just one more reduction in service at the same time that we are forced to pay higher ferry fares.

Please reverse this decision or come to quadra and hold an evening public meeting to discuss it with the people that i represent. You know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that the public responds to you directly on this issue.

Thanks in anticipation of your immediate action to reverse this misguided policy.

Jim Abram
Director, Area C, SRD
bc ferries pkg policies
Comment by Mark on 7th June 2010
while not essential it is much appreciated benefit that they do allow us to use it for parts deliveries, meds, small packages, and even child transfers to save high passenger costs to chaperon someone under 12. In addition, why bother with a small target such as an outer island ferry if there is a terrorist threat as they claim wouldn't you think they would go after the bigger ferries? I listened to the CBC news radio ,,, 5pm with Jim Abrams statements, and he has a very valid point who's to say that any one of the cargo vans and delivery trucks isn't fully loaded with anything explosive? Very well spoken interview Jim!
BC Furies
Comment by Paul Ryan on 6th June 2010
Can you believe these guys? It's almost as if they were consciously trying to p--s everyone off! This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard! I urge all of you to send an email to David Hahn and let him know what you think of this!
above water
Comment by Debbie on 5th June 2010
The ferries keep their heads above water by using us islanders as their life raft. How much per Parcel?
How far?
Comment by Lynden on 5th June 2010
Just how far up their A$$es do the have their heads?
I can see how some paranoid, security minded dweeb might see putting a box onto the ferry and walking away might pose some security and safety risk. But what about the fact that they put some 60+ cars on dozen of times a day, completely without inspection? Allowing people to smoke away while gas fumes abound all over the car deck.
Give your head a shake Mr. Hahn. Maybe a few of those nickels and dimes will shake out to give back to the people.