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General · 26th August 2010
Val Barr
Quadra Islanders be proud of our community. So many wonderful donations from suppliers and trades people are allowing the Senior Housing Society to complete one duplex (two units) for occupancy by the end of 2010. The second duplex is being framed and we are getting ready to put the roof on. We are fundraising to continue work on the second duplex while the crew are on site. This construction crew are available to us until mid November, with the help of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development. Without that Job Creation Partnership we would still be at a fundraising stage.

The disappointing news is that the Society has been turned down for a grant through BC Housing. BC Housing is a corporation, not a provincial ministry, and administers a Housing Endowment Fund using the interest on invested capital to finance grants. They have simply run out of money for the current fiscal year. Seniors Housing will try again soon to obtain funding through BC Housing. We have no grant to help us complete the second duplex at this time, which leaves it up to our community to donate the funds needed to work towards completion of the second duplex.

We would like your help right now to take advantage of the construction crew. While you, the community, have been generously supportive of this project we are asking for more. Anyone who can make a cash donation we certainly do appreciate the dollars. If you have fundraising ideas to share with the Board please let one of the Directors know how you can help. If you know of or are connected to an agency that may have grant money available, please let us know. We do not want to tap out the community, but this is an important time in the construction phase and we definitely need the help. Watch for the first public walk through of the units under construction. In the next month, we will announce a community invitation to view the interior of the first units - before they are completed.

Several Directors are on their way to Hornby Island next month to study their elder village and how they have managed for twenty years to be so successful. This is not our Society’s first trip to Hornby. With one third the population of Quadra, Hornby has 11 Seniors Housing rental units completed. They have built them as funds have become available within the community. The last four units were completed in 2008. We can learn from their experience and plan to ask many questions while visiting.

The Board of Directors of the Society are Jeanne Stoppard President, Tucker Dinnes Treasurer, Val Barr Secretary, Ruth Amiabel, Kurt Hagen, Bob Lasby and Riki Winter Vogt Directors. We are all working energetically and putting in many volunteer hours to make this long time dream for Seniors Housing a reality. John Toelle has volunteered so much to this project and has many more volunteer hours to go before we are finished. Thank you again John. We are also very proud of the Society’s employees Marshall Toelle - Supervisor, Frank Charron - Carpenter, Bernie, Keith and Dan for all the extra effort they are giving to the project. They are all doing a great job.

More on the Hornby story?
Comment by Robyn Budd on 27th August 2010
Hi Val,
Thanks for the update on our Seniors Housing project. Any chance the directors might share with Gumboot readers what they learn on their upcoming Hornby visit?
Good job
Comment by Debbie on 26th August 2010
How does Hornby do it? Good for them. Great community spirit.