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Events · 30th August 2010
Mary Dennison
"For thousands of years all over the world people have sung - to express joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work and devotion, to aid healing - without worrying about having a "good voice" or "getting it right." Song has been a part of life, a way of binding the community together." (Natural Voice Practioners)

Not only is singing good for the soul but there is a growing body of clinical evidence that indicates that singing, with its emphasis on deep breathing and good posture can help to heal the body - from helping patients with Parkinson's to strengthen their throat muscles, alleviate physical stiffness and improve motor function - to stroke patients using melodies to facilitate their speech recovery (singing engages the brain's right hemisphere which is involved in speech._

Oliver Sacks (well-known neurologist and author of many books including Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain says that "music is not only one of the fundamental ways we bond with each other but it literally shapes our brains. This is because musical activity involves many parts of the brain (emotional, motor and cognitive areas) even more than we use for our other great human achievement, language. This is why it is an effective way to remember or to learn. It is no accident that we teach our children with rhymes and songs. The music burrows itself so deep in the nervous system, that even when people suffer devastating neurological disease or injury,music is usually the last thing they lose."

When we sing, there is a "fizzing of synapses" in our brains and a "whizzing of oxygenated blood cells" flooding our bodies. Our bodies release endorphins and IT JUST FEELS GOOD !!!

AH! SINGING! Come re-enchant the world with melodies, harmonies, rounds and body rhythms from different cultures around the world. SING FOR PURE JOY! A Community Choir for all voices. A safe, non-judgmental place where anyone and every9ne can sing. No written music is used. "The majority of music in the world comes from the oral tradition and all songs are learned bycall and response recognizing that this is the most accessible and effective way for the majority of people to learn and retain songs in the longer term. (Natural Voice Practioners)

For more information please call Mary Dennison at (250) 285-3764 or e-mail Song Circles begin at the Quadra Community Centre on September 20th. CHILDREN'S SONG CIRCLE beginning at the Community Centre on September 14th. SING FOR PURE JOY! also meets in Campbell River and in Ladysmith.