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General · 3rd October 2010
Alexandra Morton
The Adams River was glistening in the sun today. The water is clear and high. There were thousands of people along the banks. Japanese, French, Italian, Germany, Korean words were mingled with the rushing water. The people here say these fish just moved in about a week ago. Millions more are still coming. The peak is estimated to be about two weeks away.
The fish are pairing up, the females flirting with the males, swishing their tails across their mate's faces, nuzzling. The living are swimming among the dead. There are enormous chinooks surfacing and powering up the river with spray off their fins.
This town is happy, people flooding through spending money. Already these fish have provided a $500 million commercial fishery. They are moving 45 million kg of nutrients up the river. This is really something to see, hasn't been seen for 100 years.

I am travelling through the Fraser Watershed for the next 20 days. I am looking forward to seeing the fish and meeting the salmon people among them. I am blogging what I learn at: