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General · 10th October 2010
Alex Morton
This Mission for Wild Salmon has been an incredible experience! I have felt the near freezing waters at the highest-most spawning grounds of the Fraser sockeye in the Driftwood Creek. We have spoken to the people who are standing guard of these productive spawning grounds. We have heard stories of historic chiefs who protected the early returns to make sure enough fish spawned. I have heard that not all the runs have been successful this year. Today we head to Horsefly where most of the salmon have probably died already and are passing the food they carried from the ocean into this enormous watershed which drains 12,000 square kms.

Soon we head back to Adams to see the peak of the run.

Unless we all do what we can to support Justice Cohen in his pursuit of understanding of what is going on with the Fraser sockeye, we will never know why some years are complete failures and others see good runs in some areas and very poor ones in others. One thing is certain, if there were 34 million Fraser sockeye this year, there could have even been more. Only 15 of the 27 rivers used by the early Stuart sockeye had fish in them!

Please consider joining us and telling your contacts about the October 25th walk from Vanier Park (where the canoes will land) to the Commission office. Unless this is huge we will never learn the truth about the diseases our Fraser sockeye are swimming through as they run the salmon feedlot gauntlet.

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Thank you all for your enormous support. Ultimately we have to form a voting block, I am trying to do this at