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General · 21st October 2010
Twyla Roscovich
Get informed – learn how our wild salmon are affected by fish farm diseases! This film explains the interactions between the Fraser sockeye salmon and the 70+ salmon farms on their migration route, outlining evidence that disease from farms represents perhaps the biggest threat to our wild fish.
This film has been produced to help the public understand the dynamics of fish migration routes, farm locations and the nature of disease transfer, so people can read between the lines of industry and government propaganda.

Currently a judicial inquiry into the decline of the Fraser sockeye is underway. The Cohen Commission begins its evidentiary hearings on Oct 25.

Watch as the issues outlined in this film are brought forth in the courtroom. Until now, the salmon farming industry and government have been able to side-step this serious issue by confusing the public, and denying the mountains of evidence that farms are harming the wild stocks – even dismissing research that is peer-reviewed and published by the world's top scientific journals.

Wild salmon will continue to decline unless there is reform within DFO, and this may be our best chance. Show up on Oct 25 to let judge Cohen know you are watching!

The short film can be watched at the following links: and at

To show your support at the Inquiry on Oct 25 with Alex Morton, go to

To follow the Evidentiary Hearings: go to

Film Produced by: Twyla Roscovich: