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General · 9th November 2010
Judy Leicester
In the high country of British Columbia’s Central Plateau lies the Motherstone. It is a land that few people have walked over or seen before. It includes a chain of shield volcanoes formed over a mantle hot spot rising from a depth of 2,900 kilometers, a sea of crystallized basalts stretching 300 kilometers from Anahim Peak to the Painted Chasm, a river of obsidian, underwater volcanoes sitting high up above the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, and a field of cinder cones still rising from among the trees they burned through when they were formed.
Motherstone will undoubtedly become one of the most important natural history books published to date in British Columbia. It was researched and written by the award winning BC author Harold Rhenisch; verified by scientific consultant Dr. Mary Lou Bevier of UBC; and photographed by distinguished Canadian photographer and publisher Chris Harris.
Chris will share his visual journey of discovery with behind-the-image stories of adventure. It is with a sense of reverence that Chris presents these images. His hope is to bring conscious awareness to the imperative need to protect this example of British Columbia’s biodiversity and natural beauty.
To see this feature presentation about stunning volcanic topography, join Sierra Quadra on Friday, November 12, at 7:30 pm. QICC doors will be open at 7 pm.
Copies of the book Motherstone will be on sale. Cash or visa. A great Christmas gift idea!
Admission by donation. Great eats and refreshments.