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General · 27th November 2010
Val Barr
The first tenants will be moving into Seniors Housing shortly. The construction crew have two suites ready for occupancy with the finishing touches compled in the next week The second duplex or units three and four will have a deadline for application in the new year. Sooner is better, so contact Jeanne at 285 2835 for info. If you would like to be a tenant, please apply for, and fill out the form on your own. It is a requirement that seniors who are applying must be independent and able to look after their own needs.

Kenwood Designs: cabinet makers, have planned the kitchens, and are building the cabinets for both kitchen and bathroom in all suites. The cabinets are built from native alder with arborite countertops. Kenwood are donating half of their work or the equivalent of cabinets for two suites. Also they volunteered to pick up and deliver all of the appliances. Thank you very much Rick and Kelly Maddison for this generous, debt reducing, donation.

Thanks again to John Toelle for all of his volunteer work in the last year and a half making these homes comfortable and beautiful. The design process and overseeing construction is almost completed and John will be able to step back a bit while the crew complete the last duplex. We could not have done it without all of your donated time John - your effort is really appreciated.

The propane gas fitter, Gerald Ammundsen, will be installing the propane heaters as a volunteer. This secondary source of heat is intended for use during long term power outages. Thank you to Gerald, a new resident on Quadra, for his kind donation.

The Quadra Garden Club had a fun morning on October 30th planting the trees they had donated for the site. Twenty eager volunteers grabbed their shovels and planted Maples along the boulevard and the south side of the property. This phase of the landscaping used half of the cash the Club have set aside for their donation to Seniors Housing. The balance of the donation will be spent in the Spring on another group of shrubs, including Rhododendrons and Dogwood trees. There is also talk of the Club fundraising in the new year to help build raised beds for the tenants to grow their own food.

Val Barr has donated her time twice over the last ten years, to draw landscape plans to the Regional District’s requirements for the development permit. Val’s business helped the Garden Club with last month’s landscaping work - organizing, purchasing and supplying materials for the planting bee. She will be volunteering again in the Spring when more landscaping work will be completed.

The Quadra Island Golf Club via Keith Remfert have volunteered the use of their new levelling machine. They purchased this special tractor to build the greens on the golf course and have offered it with an operator to Seniors Housing next April. We will be able to prepare all of the lawn areas for grass seed at very low cost, thanks to the Golf Course crew.

The Board are gearing up for another fundraising campaign in the next few months. If anyone would like to help us, we would be happy for you join our group. The amount of cash we are short is shrinking every day thanks to all of the great donations this project has received We will know very soon, how much we need to fundraise in the new year.

For Sale: The Society has surplus (200bf) 1" edge grain, old growth, Douglas Fir for finishing work. This wood was donated several years ago and we are not using it. We are offering it for sale at $3 a board foot OBO. Call John Toelle at 285 3783.