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General · 7th January 2011
Friends of Bute Inlet
Hello Friends,
It’s time to offer an update about Bute Inlet and the Plutonic GE proposal to dam and divert 17 wilderness rivers for ‘green energy’. This presentation I gave at Quadra Island contains more details about what’s happening at Bute and Toba, and some thoughts about what’s next.

In short, things are quiet at Bute: Plutonic is gone for now, although the company asserts its plans are only on hold. Flood events last fall altered course of the wild Homathko River with major impacts to riverside forests and roads. The winter landscape is frozen, Bute is now empty of people, and information is scant.

At Toba Inlet to the south, Plutonic and GE’s East Toba-Montrose project (smaller than Bute, but still the largest private power project in BC) has become operational, and we are watching it as best we can. It’s very remote and information is scarce – but it’s a window on situations that may deserve public attention.

In BC, private power advocacy groups are busy promoting 'green energy' developments. Hydro-electric infrastructures are being developed on rivers province-wide. There are still hundreds of active applications for more river diversions, as well as lake-reservoir proposals – one project at Tyson Lake on the Sunshine Coast has produced especially grim environmental results. There are plenty of urgent situations if you have time to be involved, and we must all keep talking and writing to pressure decision-makers and increase public awareness....

It appears Bute won’t happen very soon; Plutonic and GE are presently busy with mega projects elsewhere in BC and Ontario. At Bute Inlet they have special challenges and unresolved issues. For now our job is vigilance.

Please stay with us. Thus far we have been an effective community voice and we hope future well-directed action will prove worthwhile. We keep our website up-to-date with relevant news and many items of interest. Check in from time to time!

Finally, here’s something to make you laugh: even just imagining how much fun we had making Showdown for Bute, the final YouTube skit in which Mr. Campbell is overthrown – and then to watch it come true…

Best wishes for a happy winter and good to come: love the light and keep the faith!