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General · 3rd February 2011
Claire Trevena
3rd February, 2011

Bill Holdom Chair Vancouver Island Regional Library
Dear Mr. Holdom

Thank you for your letter of 1st February explaining the community consultation process which took place before the decision to relocate the library on Quadra Island.

I have to express my deep disappointment that the only meeting held was in Campbell River and no meetings were held in the smaller communities: Quadra Island, Cortes Island or in Sayward. This decision underlines my concern that the interests of people living in rural communities will not be considered in planning the future for our library system.

Many people who live on Cortes, on Quadra and in Sayward do not make regular trips to town, either by choice or, more often, because of affordability. The very users who depend on small library branches in the hearts of their communities have been denied having their voice heard by the central meeting, held in Campbell River, well over a year ago.

Further, I remain very skeptical about the willingness of the Library Board to keep a library on Quadra Island in the event of continued restrictions on finance.

It is quite clear that the Library Board already has made its decision for the Quadra branch. I would only hope that in future planning – and for the maintenance of a free public library service within our rural communities – people are consulted where they live and where they expect the service to be provided.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Trevena, MLA
North Island

This letter was also sent to Rona-Rae Leonard, Vice-chair, VIRL Board
Library update
Comment by Dave Blinzinger on 19th February 2011
It sounds like they kept it in secrecy from us until it was too late to do anything about it. IS THIS HOW YOU WANT OUR GOV'T TO OPERATE? Willl we lay down like sheep and let them pull our library? What about out Literacy group??? Have they made any plans to stop this??? And the man who is behind all this has the audacity to call himself an English prof.!?!?
Moving our library without asking us
Comment by Dave Blinzinger on 12th February 2011
Yes, I am aware of Bill Holdom, he was my english prof in University, a man who cares only about himself and has probably never been to Quadra.
Our Library on Quadra Island
Comment by Donna Dennis on 5th February 2011
Is it now to late to do something ?
Why, in previous publications on Quadra
did we not hear about this ?
Did I miss something?
I'll sign whatever it takes to help our
little library stay on our island !!