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General · 19th February 2011
Dave Blinzinger
A plead to all Quadra Island residents, please SAVE OUR LIBRARY

see this article:

‎..and Bill Holdom wants to take it away and leave us with no library...this is a man who is politics for personal gain and is a selfish person to begin with, probably never been to Quadra.

here is the link to fearless leaders that make decisions for us without even having the courtesy to ask us...

I really hope Quadra residents take action on this, do we really want to loose our library on Quadra!!!!
new building, new location, staying on island
Comment by Debbie on 26th February 2011
The building is not up to code so a newer building is needed. Location has not been announced but apparently has been decided on. We are keeping our library - don't know how the rumour started that we are not.

Hopefully we will have a larger space which means more reading material!! And a place to have author readings, a book club meeting, writing groups - the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully the new location will be close to the school so that the students will have greater access to the resource. We want young people reading!

Let's look to a bright reading future on the island. We deserve it.
Comment by carolina on 26th February 2011
more explanation don't they want to move it to the cove ?? the one in Heriot bay is so charming if it work;s don;t fix it....
Comment by pat gibson on 23rd February 2011
i thought the library was to be moved to some place on the island not taken away.
perhaps we need to organize some sort of protest...march on this idiots office or something.

to move the library off the island is like imposing a 5$ usage fee. i go to the library at least once a week....i go to CR about once in 2 months

do we need to bring back a bookmobile for the small communities
Could someone please supply the facts?
Comment by Louella Baker on 21st February 2011
I would like to know what Claire was referring to in her article that said "...It is quite clear that the Library Board already has made its decision for the Quadra branch." What decision? Is the Library closing or is it moving or what is actually going on? Does anyone have the facts?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 20th February 2011
David, I think you are over reacting here. If it were true that we were losing our library, everyone would know about it. Our library is used more than Campbell river's!
Comment by Rena Patrick on 20th February 2011
I am in full support of keeping the Quadra Island branch of the library open. The library is an important part of our community, is well used and appreciated. If there's anything I can do to help, feel free to contact me. Rena Patrick
Why do you think we are losing the library?
Comment by Debbie on 20th February 2011
Why do you think we are losing the library? Do you have some more current info that the rest of us are lacking?