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General · 27th February 2011
I think it important to remind ourselves of the state of our electoral system today, it was expressed succinctly during our last Provincial election and referendum on electoral reform in the words of our now premier to be, Christy Clark. See youtube Christy Clark video

Quote "On Tuesday you will have two choices to make. The first is a short term choice.... of who will run our system for the next four years. and you will vote for someone who has been chosen for you by entrenched interests in a big party machine. People who will be accountable to that big party machine, not to you.'

"The other vote that you will cast will be the much more important one. It will be the vote that determines if the next time you...will be faced with exactly the same ugly choices."

"We have a chance to change our political system and remake it into something that we can have some measure of faith in. And if the established interests succeed in defeating this on Tuesday, they will not give you another chance. I hope British Columbians take this chance. This is the chance for real change. I hope that you will join me on Tuesday in voting in favour of the Single Transferable Vote." end quote.

Lets hope her philosophy of inclusiveness includes being our electoral reform champion.