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Timne to help our neighbours next door on Read Island
General · 26th March 2011
Surge Narrows Forest Advisory
Hello Friends,

The Surge Narrows Forest Advisory Committee (SNFAC) has been re-activated in response to the proposed logging of the Steamboat Trail forest on Read Island. This trail was created in the 1870’s and it continues to serve our community as a useful walking path and a reminder of our island’s heritage. On this island that has been heavily logged for the past 30 years, it is also a precious remnant and memory of our once-spectacular forests.

Read Islanders have opposed logging and hope to achieve a protected status for this last of many historic community trails. Harper Graham (of Harper Logging Ltd, with woodlot cutting rights) has informed us that he does not want to log this block; says he has “turned it down twice”, and that he is being required by the Ministry of Forests to prepare a cutting plan for the area. Our hope is to convince Ministry of Forests that they can respect local concerns and satisfy the logging company by revising the woodlot area or allowing Harper Logging an exemption at Lot 783 Steamboat Trail.

We need your help! We full time Read Island residents are few in number – but we are looking after a very special place for many more people who come here and who care about Read Island. We need your email voice!

Please email a letter to the Ministry of Forests asking them to spare Lot 783 and the Steamboat Trail on Read Island. A sample letter and email addresses are provided below. (Copy and paste; add your own comments if you want.) Deadline is Friday, April 01.


COPY TO:;;;;;;

SUBJECT: Comments on Wood Lot Plan 2062, Read Island

===== DRAFT LETTER ====================================

Chuck Anderson, RPF, Stewardship Forester

Sunshine Coast Forest District

7077 Duncan Street

Powell River, British Columbia

V8A 1W1

27 March, 2011

Dear Chuck Anderson,

Please hear the request of Read Island residents and other concerned citizens who value what’s left of Read Island’s once spectacular forests. Private and public lands have been logged intensively for nearly 30 years, and we would like the Ministry of Forests to act on our behalf to reduce future impacts.

At the moment you can create a “win-win” situation by removing Lot 783 from the new Woodlot License 2062. Harper Graham (Harper Logging, Ltd.) has informed us he does not wish to log this block; you will recall he has twice “turned it down” in previous Crown forest assignments. The community is adamantly and unanimously opposed to any logging on this Steamboat Trail lot.

Please find a solution to this difficulty faced by the community and the company, a problem which has been caused by your Ministry's demand that this area be logged.

When Steamboat Trail is protected (or sooner, if that will be a protracted process) the community also wishes to suggest that a meeting be held at Surge Narrows Community Hall, for residents and the Ministry of Forests to share information and ideas about how to create a better functioning local industry. There is strong community desire for more information, for consideration of cumulative impacts, and for meaningful pre-logging consultation.

Yours sincerely,

Add your name and address


Read Islanders THANK YOU for taking time to help.

Please share our request with others who care.

If we stand united, we can save our forest. We are determined!