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General · 17th April 2011
September 4th 2011!

Preparations for our First Annual Fall Fair are buzzing along. Organizational teams are in place; coordinators are coordinating, organizers are organizing and many of our population are already scheming on how to grow the largest pumpkin! The Fall Fair will be held on the grounds of the Quadra Community Centre and all are welcome to attend. Our inaugural theme Local is Focal has been chosen to inspire Quadra and outer islanders to showcase their bountiful abundance of skills, talent and product.

There will be many attractions at the Fair including demonstrations, entertainment, food, a petting farm, pet parade, games, informative talks, interactive activities, music, door prizes and that's not all ...

A traditional component of a Fall Fair is the Exhibition Hall. This is where farmers, gardeners, hobbyists, bakers, home-preservers and many more show off their wares, for prosperity and local fame (or infamy!)

Amongst the many categories waiting for you to enter at our upcoming Fall Fair there are several that you may want to get started on soon. Here they are as we see it, as well as a sneak peek at what else to expect, look forward to, and prepare for…

Human Powered Inventions - put your brain to work to contrive a contraption, then put your body to work to make it go! This will be a People's Choice category where all Fair goers will have the chance to vote on their favourite!

Other things to get started sooner rather than later; melons, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Oh and there is also the 'Other Seed Crop' category to research; amaranth, quinoa, flax, oats, rye... These grains are fun and showy to grow.

You might like to start going through your recipe files to find Grandma’s heritage cookie recipe, or begin recipe testing to come up with your very own Quadra Island bar. Gluten free? - No problem, we have gluten free categories as well.

There are so many things that needlearts has to offer, we are confident in saying - get to work on it and there will be a category with a class to enter it in!
(remember, this years theme is 'Local is Focal')

The following is the list of Exhibit Categories and the number of classes that will be available within each. (First, Second and Third Place ribbons in every class, also Participant ribbons in all Children’s' Classes)

Applied Arts & Crafts - 26 classes
Baking - 25 classes
Canning, Preserving & Honey - 14 classes
Eggs - 7 classes
Field Crops - 5 classes
Flowers - 18 classes *See the classes below
Fruits - 11 classes
Hobby Crafts - 12 classes
Needle Arts - 31 classes
Photography - 6 classes
Up-cycled - 8 classes
Vegetables - 33 classesSee the classes below
Writing - 5 classes
Youth Exhibits - 39 classes
Outdoor Exhibits - 13 classes
Poultry - 21 classes
Rabbits & Cavies (Guinea Pigs) - 6 classes
Other Small Critters - 5 classes

Do you have a knack for growing giant zucchini, super succulent carrots or decadent Dahlias? We know you gardeners are busy sorting your seeds and starting you spring planting. Here is a list of the Flower and Vegetable classes to help you plan your Fall Fair garden. Plant now to be part of the fun!

1. Vase of three different dahlias, any type
2. Largest dahlia bloom, any type
3. Largest sunflower bloom, any variety
4. Vase with three different sunflowers
5. Vase with three (3) zinnia blooms, any type
6. Roses - Florabunda spray
7. Roses - Highbred Tea - 1 flower
8. Vase with one stem of fall asters
(michaelmas daisy)
9. Vase with 3 – 5 different types of flowering
perennials ie. Fall asters, Gallardia, etc.
One stem of each type
10. A single begonia flower floating in a glass
or glass bowl
11. A flowering fuchsia stem, any variety
12. A planter, maximum diameter 18”, with
any type of plants
13. A forest/meadow natural bouquet
containing only foliage and flowers that
grow wild on Quadra
14. A floral arrangement in a natural
container i.e. gourd, rock, etc
15. A floral arrangement with only two
different colours in it
16. A mini bouquet, up to 6” in height in a
creative container ie. teacup, driftwood..
17. Most deformed plant part
18. Best slug enhanced leaf

1. Beans – most colourful bean plate,
maximum (7) beans
2. Beans - Longest
3. Beets (3) with leaves
4. Broccoli (1) head, 2-4” stem
5. Cabbage (1) head
6. Carrots (5) with leaves
7. Sweet Corn (1) cob any type
8. Cucumbers, table or long English (1)
9. Cucumbers, pickling (3)
10. Garlic (3) bulbs, any kind
11. Garlic, The Largest Garlic Bulb Contest (1)
excluding Elephant
12. Garlic Braid
13. Gourds (3)
14. Onions (3) any variety
15. Leeks (3)
16. Peas (5) pods
17. Peppers, sweet or hot (5) most attractive
18. Potatoes (3) any variety
19. Largest Potato Contest
20. Squash, summer (1) of optimal eating size
21. Largest Lurker Zucchini Contest
22. Tomatoes, all colours (5)
23. Heritage tomatoes, include some proof of
heritage (seed packet?) or lineage (from
the hand of the hand of the hand….) (3)
24. Smallest Tomato
25. Largest Tomato
26. Tomatoes, cherry (1) truss or (9) of
different colours
27. Bouquet of greens – largest variety of
lettuces, dark leafy greens such as
chard, kale, beet greens, spinach etc.
*Displayed in Plastic lined 4” garden pot
weighted with a rock
28. Other vegetables (3) parsnip or eggplant
or kohlrabi etc.
30. Edible salad flowers presented on a bed of
torn lettuce *Judged on artistry
31. Freakiest vegetable - potato people, earliest
carrots, twisted tomatoes…
32. Censored vegetable (category X)
33. Horn of Plenty - present your personal
garden wealth including your own
preserves etc. as a basket or horn of plenty.
* A peoples choice award*

*Look for the Official Fall Fair Catalogue containing a full listing of exhibit classes and rules coming at the end of May.