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General · 7th May 2011
The CRCDAS (Campbell River Community Development Advisory Society) would like to inform the Citizens of Campbell River as well as neighbouring communities that the Campbell River Directors on the Regional Board as well as Directors of the CVRD are potentially looking into building a Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facility located on the old Catalyst site.
WTE is incineration of garbage and is toxic to our health and environment. The term "Incineration" is not widely used by WTE supporters , instead they use words like "gasification", "pyrolysis", "plasma", or even "green energy" but the definition of incineration includes all of these because it is a thermal process that incinerates garbage, recyclables (including plastics) and even organics.
This is still in the exploratory phase and there will be a meeting on May 12, 2011 at the Maritime Heritage Centre at 1pm. Please note, that the consulting firm the Regional District is using is called AECOM and they operate a WTE facility in Swan Hills, Alberta and according to the Wilderness Committee, AECOM is a member of the WTE lobby group. The consulting report provided by AECOM is expected to be finished with recommendations for the Board.
Attached is a flyer that you can refer to and forward on to all of your contacts because we all need to be informed and share our voice.

If you have any questions please contact us at

We also encourage everyone to contact our Regional Board Representatives: Ziggy Stewart, Claire Moglove, Roy Grant, Charlie Cornfield, Mary Storry and Ryan Mennie
at:,, ; ; ;


Corinne Matheson
Campbell River Community Development Advisory Society
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