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General · 12th May 2011
It’s official – turned 4 this past April 1st, and we surpassed the 5,000 visitors-per-month mark! Big thanks are due to our readers, and to our sponsors, for being a major part of this success! While reader input drives the content of this wiki-style community blog – a one-of-a-kind entity on Quadra – the people who advertise with us provide the financial base that makes it all possible.

By way of thanking our sponsors for another stellar year on Planet Gumboot, we’re offering a 10% discount on renewals and upgrades until the end of May. Early birds can get in on the offer too – just contact us and we’ll send you a new contract dated on your next renewal anniversary. Pay by the end of May, and 10% of the price of admission goes right back into your pocket!

"Gumboot advertising? But I thought everything was free!"
For readers new to these pages, here's the short form Gumboot 101: Most stuff on this site is free – posting classified ads with optional pictures, rideshare, real estate and rentals, jobs, announcements, articles and photos and events and text-only business ads (whew!). But for folks who want more web visibility, we developed comprehensive ad packages, known in Gumboot lingo as sponsorships.

It’s a win-win scenario. With our ever-increasing readership, our sponsors get top bang for their buck on The Gumboot, the island’s most cost-effective advertising venue. And the site’s wiki features mean they can change their advertising whenever they choose, adding photos and text that keep customers current on all they’re offering. No deadlines. No paying for changes. It’s their game, but we're always here to help.

Our sponsors got more web turf this year when we created the Quadra Marketplace as an extension of the Community Partner’s Package. The Marketplace offers additional web real estate in units of 20 image and text windows – which of course can be updated and changed any time.

All Gumboot advertising packages include rotating Frontpage coverage, web, phone, email and snail mail links. And for the first time we’ve made permanent display advertising available on the Frontpage, excellent for special offers and events.

Not a sponsor yet? Get in touch and we'll launch you into Gumboot orbit!