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General · 1st June 2011
Claire Trevena
The BC Liberal government pushed though changes to the Harmonised Sales Tax which are akin to bribery, according to North Island MLA Claire Trevena.

In less than 24 hours, the government introduced and passed a motion to give families with children a one-time cheque to offset some of the extra costs incurred because of the HST and which will lower the rate paid by the end of three years.

“The timing of this stinks – we’re going into the referendum on the HST in three weeks time and the government effectively tries to buy people with their own money,” said Trevena.

“The reality of this is that those cuts in rates will translate into cuts in programmes and services across the province in the coming years: cuts to schools, to health care and to social supports. And who benefits? The large corporations.

“Tinkering with the tax isn’t the answer. We need a fair tax system which doesn’t undermine families or small business that are struggling for survival.”

The government wanted to push that motion, and all other outstanding legislation through the House, before Thursday – the date the Legislative session is due to end. Despite having a fixed Legislative calendar, the legislature has sat for little more than four weeks in the last year.

Trevena’s speech can be found at: (approx. 10:50 am)