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General · 6th June 2011
Well, it's not exactly a secret – The Gumboot went to press last week for the first time, and now Quadra has a new tabloid newspaper! Yes, it's a bit glossier than we expected – trying to discuss paper stock with a printer over the phone isn't exactly like holding something in your hands – so we ended up with a surprising amount of... glare. With any luck, our next issue will be duller on paper but even shinier in content!

The reception of The Gumboot Press has been encouraging, and many of you have called and emailed to say thumbs up. There've been a couple of objections, one about details, the other about going to print when is doing fine, thank you very much, in the paperless world.

So I'll try to clear that one up. Lots of our e-readers have been loudly hinting that it's time for a paper version of The Gumboot. Not everyone is cyber-friendly, they said persuasively, there are issues of accessibility, and the printed word reaches so many more people.

And so it went. Good arguments, all of them.
And then there's the 'it's time to do something new and different' consideration. That's the juicy part, where we just want to dive in to Quadra culture and share it with the people both inside and beyond our perimeter. I've worked a lot in publishing, and it's time to get back at it. Stories to tell, ideas to throw around, new voices to tease out from the island fabric.

Pretty simple, really. I look forward to hearing from islanders and shaping future issues around the topics people care about. I also welcome contributors stepping forward with their stories, poems, ideas, and comments.
Not so different from, except that the stories you see on paper don't appear on this website. Past issues of TGP will be posted on a linked website called
And now, onward to Issue Two – with our thanks for all your input!
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Comment by Luise Grav on 9th June 2011
Hi Robyn......Are you going to have a reader's comments/letters to the editor section in your paper? If so, when is the deadline for your next edition?