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General · 7th June 2011
Brent Henry
I am soooo honoured! I have the privilege of being one of three, who after already completing a rather pointless short-form census for the Feds, who are now asked to fill out the brand spanking new National Household Survey! Yeah! At first, I thought it was the Harper government’s attempt at humour. But then, I have actually seen Steven Harper speaking. I mean, we were told the long form census had been scrapped due to its invasive nature on the family (read: why would we want accurate statistics that hold us to account for all those government programs we once promised?). Now, 1 in every 3 is being asked to complete a voluntary survey, to collect some, a really small some, of the helpful comprehensive information that wasn’t collected in the short form census. Am I alone, or are you wondering why, after completing a census, should you use up your good time filling out a lengthy questionaire. I mean, would I really have any problem in helping the Feds save face after their own head of statistics quit, after the decision to scrap the long-form? Of course not ( sorry, choking on tongue in cheek)! Of course a survey that no real cross-section of Canadian society is even compelled to return. One that anyone with a real axe to grind can have a hayday with, and one that the Feds themselves actually only hope to get 1 in 10 replying. Now that’s accurate information, Harper style. Anyways, why let an opportunity go to waste. I always was jealous of Americans back in the early 70’s, having the nerve to enjoy burning their draft cards and flags in protest. So, I’ve come up with a great idea, if I do say so myself as a humble Canadian. Canada Day is coming up at the Spit on July 1st. And since the Spit picnic area is the only area right now where one can have an outdoor fire. Maybe we could bring our National Surveys down and have a little fire. A little warm get-together. We could have a “burnathon”, or better yet……a thought roast”! Ummm, I can already smell the aroma of dissent. Hey, anyone got a good recipe for Tory on Barbecue sauce? Apply conservatively!
A proud Canadian,
Brent Henry

Go Brent Go!
Comment by helene on 11th June 2011
I just thought they hadn't wasted enough of our money yet. Greedy AND wastefull!
i'll be there with my formS ; at least it can warm our hearts...Tax reform here we come!..
light the patriotic flame
Comment by keri smith on 9th June 2011
well planned brent! mine is being saved for the day!! while i have some issues with the environmental ethics of the census on a whole--- i will happily add to the fire!