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General · 18th June 2011
Robyn Budd
Issue 2 is about to hit the streets – I always wanted a paper route! – and we can't wait to see what you think. Look for TGP everywhere people gather on the island, not to mention a few points beyond. And if the spirit moves you, get in touch about story ideas, features you'd like to see, articles you'd like to write. After all, we're on about 'island life, culture, and enterprise', and that covers a lot of ground!
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Comment by Luise Grav on 20th June 2011
I know this is only your second edition, but I was hoping you were going to do/say something that hasn't already been done ...repeatedly, by other Quadra papers ..... What's the point.....? Do you have a mission statement, besides that you won't accept anything "inflammatory"?....could you define your version of that concept? can be interpreted so many boring.....ho hum, more wasted trees.