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Events · 2nd September 2011
Val Barr
What is an Invasive Plant? When does an invasive plant change ecosystem function and decrease the biodiversity of an area? This is a great topic for gardeners, since we are continuously introducing foreign species, and we control our local environment when we landscape our plots of mother earth. From Broom bashing parties, to Giant Hog Weed horror stories, our insular island environment is not immune to adaptation when harmful introduced species take over a habitat, or when they become a risk to humans and other organisms.
In West Vancouver, Buddleia davidii, which does not seem to self seed on Quadra, has spread along the Upper Levels Highway - is this a problem or an addition to the natural flora? On the other hand, Foxglove is an introduced species that is ubiquitous on Quadra but does not make it on to the invasive plant list. What makes an introduced plant invasive, and how do non native species corrupt the natural eco balance? Find the answer to these interesting and controversial questions by joining us at the next garden club meeting. This lecture is sponsored by the Invasive Plant Council of BC and the Coastal Invasive Plant Committee. They will teach us how to properly dispose of plants considered invasive when they sneak onto our island. Come to the meeting and learn how to prevent sharing these invaders with your friends! Are horsetail and morning glory on that list?
The first meeting of the fall session is on Monday September 12th 7pm at the community centre. Join us for an evening of good friends, great information and perhaps some bragging time for your produce. Did you win a ribbon at the fall fair - bring it along. We would like to know about your winning entry and share our participation of this fun event as a club. If you can’t bring the perishable item that won a ribbon bring along a photo of your entry. Drop ins $2. Annual membership renewal is due at the September meeting $10 for individuals $15 for families.