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General · 17th September 2011
Jim Abram
So how about that earthquake! Quite the surprise. But I guess that it is good that some of that pressure is being released in small doses rather than one giant quake. We on Quadra and the outer islands will probably be better prepared than most due to the excellent work of our Emergency Preparedness Volunteers. And how about these temperatures! We must be breaking records for this time of year. I am not complaining. I have managed to stain all of my decks and railings with the help of my son in the past three days due to the weathers' cooperation.

Fall Fair!

Was that fantastic, or what??? For a first annual event, I was extremely impressed by the participation of this entire community in some manner or other. It was just wonderful! My congratulations to the main organizers and the more that 200 volunteers that made it happen. I am sure that the charter event will be a learning experience for all and we will come back with an even bigger and better event next year. I am looking forward to doing my part, as requested. I hope you all had a great time. It was amazing to see all of the various talents that exist on this island. We were so fortunate to have such good weather also. It made such a difference. I bet we will have more food vendors next year!

Another reminder - BC Ferries Commissioner - Sept. 26th - 7pm - Community Centre - Don't miss it!

Please read previous reports for all the details, but just make sure that you are in attendance for this meeting. The Commissioner needs to hear your voice... and you need to be telling him the impacts that these ferry fares are having on our families and our jobs and our economy and the future of our island. He needs to hear loud and clear that we want the ferries back under the wing of the Ministry of transportation since they are our marine highway. Do not let him suggest that this is not feasible. It is! And the more he hears it, the more likely it is that it will make it into his report to the Minister. As I have said in previous reports, I will be at the UBCM convention in Vancouver, where we will be meeting with the Premier and the Minister on this very topic. So I will not be at this meeting on Quadra and I am depending on you to carry the ball. Be brave! Be strong. Convince him of the need to listen to the public. I will do my part in Vancouver and hope you will pack the hall on that night. Other communities are bussing in people from other areas that are effected to be able to express their concerns. Numbers count, folks. Be there! Fill the hall to the gills.

Quadra Legion

I had the pleasure of making a motion at the recent SRD meetings to exempt the Quadra Legion from a large portion of their property taxes (the recreational portion) since they provide a service to our community all year round. The amount is about $750.00 and will help them with their finances.

Hazardous Waste Day

I hope that as many of you as possible were able to take advantage of the hazardous waste depot in Q. Cove this past Sunday. It is something I have asked for over many years and we finally got it so that we do not have to travel to various locations on the CR side to drop off waste products. A one-stop shop was provided and right here at home. My thanks to the SRD and the CVRD solid waste management function for putting this on.

Stuart Island AGM

I attended, along with Beth Rees from the SRD staff, the Annual General Meeting of the Stuart Island Community Association on Labour Day (that's right, on a holiday!). It was a 12 hour day and was quite contentious. I have been asked to mediate and facilitate a solution to their internal problems and I have agreed to do that in mid October. I think we will come out of this with a strong Association and better feelings in the community. I look forward to working with all of the community. More to follow.

That's all folks! (almost)

I have to go and pack for a three day meeting in Prince Rupert (and two days of travel) of the PNCIMA advisory group to DFO. This is the marine planning of our coastline from Quadra to Alaska and involves all levels of government, first nations and all stakeholders.

When I return we have our Board meeting and then a week of the UBCM convention (mentioned earlier). But I will always be available. Feel free to call me between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday (please, not on weekends, folks!) at 285-3355, or you can fax me at 285-3533 or you can email me anytime at , or by mail at Box 278 in the Cove, V0P 1N0... Lots of choices.

Please note my new email address. The old "oberon" address is no longer active.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Abram
Director, Discovery Islands - Mainland Inlets (Area C), SRD